Shaping My Gifts Into A Magic Prayer

This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by Jerry Lee. If you would like to vote for Jerry please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

Parallel Perception is like a smoking diamond that’s been dropped in my lap. To be sure, the complexity of its language and concept provides a singular challenge to the reader. In my case, other bits cultural affectation also clouded the mix. For example, Lujan’s voice is near void of humor; I miss the winsome joy and laughter of don Juan’s clowning with don Genaro, and even the bumbling charm of Castenada’s self-effacing accounts. Then there’s Jesus, who appears in a state of suffering from a physical trial that (if I remember correctly) is never portrayed in any of the gospels.

All of that said, when I finally began to understand what was happening, I realized that Lujan had not only presented a masterpiece of insight, but an actual instrument of profound implication. Reading the words of Jesus is like being invited into his final ruminations while hanging on the cross. His reflections on the ultimate fate of his earthly project depicted a character so real I could feel his breath on my neck. And after the plaintive hiatus since Castaneda’s haunting farewell revelations on the neighborhood of infinity, the first words of Zakai brought tears to my eyes. Zakai’s wry impeccability announced the presence of don Juan as clearly as a crystalline signature. I still get chills thinking about it. But what matters most, of course, is the hieroglyphs. I came to realize not only were they definitive maps of human praxis; but in the practical manner of all instruments, Lujan had opened the door to music itself. In this case the music of salvation.

The world is a complicated mess. If the first two hieroglyphs in Parallel Perception are not only understood but internalized into a reflexive vision, the final Completion Hieroglyph becomes activated and the mess can begin to unravel. It’s a tall order, no doubt. The prospect, however, is literally enchanting.

For my part, my intention is popularize these concepts. It’s perfectly possible to infuse them into the narrative and visual expressions of literature and art, in the exact fashion psychology and even Existential ontology have driven popular culture over the last fifty years. This is why I want to study with Lujan. To gather his energy and the means to cultivate my own so that I can best shape my gifts into a magic prayer.

Best of luck to the other contestants. Every one of you is a jewel in your own right. You all have my vote.

Jerry Lee

If you would like to vote for Jerry please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

Photo courtesy of Frank

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  1. Very abstract and compelling. Thank you.

  2. Shocking!

  3. As you pointed so blithe to the essence of my essay as you felt it: after reading your essay it appears to me our way to see & observe what surrounds us is of the same kind.

    So that I flat-out love Jerry Lee…

    Blessings :)

  4. Hi, Lujan. My original essay and the votes I cast for each of my fellow contestants speak to who I am and what I hope to accomplish. Concerning my work and The Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake, I suspect I have daggers of my own to remove. And I’m especially drawn to the possibility of sharing the power of silence with those around me. Thanks so much for your consideration.

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