Keeping focussed amidst distractions

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I recall as a small child sitting in different positions aligning myself with different countries -ones I knew destined I would go to. I would meditate and gaze long term at things in nature ; part of my life, which later, upon reading shaman & sorcerer books felt like recognising kindred spirits.

Australia has been one of the most challenging places. I always take responsibility for my health.. I eat and live very naturally. A couple of years ago I went to Manila to correct a displaced jaw and address serious issues directly caused by top dental specialists here.

Thereafter out of complete pain wearing a dental acrylic splint that needed one last adjustment to reposition the disc in my jaw, I was put with another specialist here after I returned. He bonded/glued my teeth to it 3x ,pulled apart ,broke a tooth in the root and he and other specialists did unspeakable things to me..continuing for two yrs. Inhumanity of their arrogance and callousness … unbelievable. Hierarchical setup here made it impossible to get help.Thank god for green smoothies.I was still saving for my dentist in Manila going through severe pain. I had to bide my time.

My sleep attention became very strong.

Leaning half out of bed looking at my floor one night, I marvelled at how beautiful the wood was, smooth wide olive brown floorboards with exquisitely made small wooden nail heads of a lighter color, inches apart. I touched it’s silken surface ,then quickly retracted my hand.I was wondering why I wasn’t cold as it was freezing cold when I went to bed. I pulled myself back under the blankets ,then was urged to look at the floor again.I was confused as I knew my floorboards had metal nails and a darker hue to the wood. It was the same as before amazingly smooth..with wooden nails. I stayed there again for some time..standing on them this time. In the morning I expected to place my feet on floorboards.They were covered by my carpet! I’ve had dreaming in this attention before. With the pain I had, it gave me some kind of extended feeling to be able to keep going. I also over some years had experience of my bed shaking. First time ever was somewhat perplexing. I thought to be earth tremors. Then later I thought some spiritual presence from who knows what. I was ok with it. Maybe only twice over a long period of time.

Out of total desperation one night in serious pain and deciding I didn’t want to end my life yet, I called on my Ally.

In a deep sleep some hours later, I thought I was dreaming again..the whole bed first had a ripple go through it,but then became really violently shaking. I was not dreaming. It went on several minutes.I then heard a barely perceptible whistle.. a nice little bird song. There are many trees with bird noises throughout the night here. I was then irritated by it as it was so repetitive. I just wanted to relax and sleep.

Suddenly, the same sound ensued but so close to me..exactly near to my right ear – a being was making it’s awareness known to me! I knew it to be my Ally. I did not dare move for some time. I decided not be afraid and opened my eyes.To my right in front of my face was a green iridescent wavering form.. a form wavering within a squarish oblong ,not so big. I became elated but also apprehensive. I quickly closed my eyes.

The whistling continued. I tried to make out the frequencies numericals or patterns.Sometimes I did and then it would all change. I didn’t move for ages, not until the sounds became further and further apart and then further away until I slept, really exhausted the next day.

Thereafter I would call my ally most nights.The bed only shook a little these times to let me know that presence was there. I would ask questions of it and affirmatives would come via the movement, or a slight fleeting glance of a shape.

It gave me solace after all the jibes ,sarcasm of the medical professionals and lack of or erroneous treatment to me..which put me in the position of not being properly able to eat or speak for so long/torturous pain unrelenting. I realised at one stage,which in fact I knew from the beginning,that it was not really a good reason to be calling on my Ally. Somehow though it became very reassuring.

This continued for some months, until another experience , altogether different jolted me into a different reality.

I have been pushed to the absolute limits from a human perspective,experienced so much. but to to be in a space with others of shamanic awareness and abilities is a thirst, something I gravitate to. Long ago I relinquished any need to have perpetual abuse of any kind in my life. I did a lot of recapitulating. I was told by a dream also that I have been a mirror to many of these people, which if so, is interesting but not what I’m about. My intention is to be aligned with this earth, nature in such a way to be %100 alive.

I am thankful to know Lujan Matus and of people on this path.

To do any course with him is to know many of the secrets in this world …amazing,wondrous…for being and spirit. Why would anyone want to feel anything less.

Warmest regards,

If you would like to vote for Quihuara please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

Photo courtesy of Stuck in Customs

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  1. I’m voting for this one simply out of recognition of the title and its photo!

  2. “My intention is to be aligned with this earth, nature in such a way to be %100 alive.”

    Simple and clear, I like it :)

  3. The title and its photo do seem to be a key here. If you have direct contact with an ally, it seems wonderful accomplishments could result from “keeping focussed.”

  4. I had a dream — flying high in the Universe ; next minute my body being pulled backwards by shiny threads from the stars, to be then bedangled, spreadeagled out gazing at Earth planet pulsing in the distance.
    Journeying is in most of my dreams.I chased the magic in life often. My eyes danced with the myriad converging and opening shapes of the kaleidoscope I had held in my 5 year old hands, awestruck by the coalescing energies transferred to me.I had profound memories of it as i was thrown on to my back not just watching the Aurora Borealis in Canada but actually physically being affected by it and experiencing it on a body spirit level. This and other things happened to me, left me with such an abundance of incredible energies that I always felt dissatisfied with what little, many others settle for in their lives.
    My heart took me on many journeys: places like Glastonbury,Findhorn — Prehistoric caves in France,Catacombs and Underground Hittite cities in Turkey,Indian Himalaya mountains,Babylon in Iraq,Uluru and many more ..places of astounding beauty ,powerful and sometimes shocking energy.
    It made me strong along with my spiritual practices and put me in good stead for what was to come by the hands of my fellow men. Travelling is one of the best educations one can have. It is empowering yet incredibly witness the strengths and weaknesses of the human body and spirit.
    I have been shackled by many confines for too long now and am committed to let myself soar along with others who live this life.I am a natural healer and with Shiatsu and other modalities have helped many people on all levels.Born as a twin,I feel gave me a strong empathy with human presence. I have learnt much from this physical plane and would wish to share with others.
    I don’t fear death having been on it’s threshold..just I am jumping at any chance to illuminate and grow. I know truly we are a microcosm of the macrocosm. I have been damaged a lot but my connection is forever replacing and replenishing me..
    I gave opportunity to persons in the past, maybe opportunity comes to me now..maybe not, it’s ok but it is truly inspiring what Lujan does.
    [[[[Live]]]] Life anyway,
    to all in love,

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