The Fate of the Cow

This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by Madhuritta. If you would like to vote for Madhuritta please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

All naguales and nagual Lujan Matus express it and thanks for letting us participate in this perception scholarship program that will allow us to live parallel slow and safe roads.

My encounter with the book of parallel perception occurred a year ago, when the group heard about a book powerful, very strong, it would be better not to read it are not prepared and all very secret … and I remembered that 4 years ago the same story, but this time I had the courage to ask and insist and my friend gave me the book in my language.

When I started reading made me very sad, depressed by the things we ignore and our lives is a constant mistake as I can not be alive (if I am)

Not as you reach this part of my life with so much manipulation from outside and as I’m not aware enrrumbe on a knowledge so deep, I hope to have access to an embodiment in this fully and life wisdom.

The book gave me a parallel perception relief to my body and my mind went missing that feeling of constant fear, had a chronic depression and soon as I change my melancholic state, I have more energy and humor this time. I feel I am closer to dissolve all attachments that bind us and to be ready to do the work of the warrior in this life. Before my last trip.

From a young age I was looking, I do not what I looking, my attention always strange things, the encounter with Don Juan happens in the worst situation of my life was like a balm at the time, spent many years to believe that all that history shamans was true, was true not only philosophy and good intentions.

I do not have had the honor of meeting the Nagual Lujan Matus or photo or personally consider very important to contact you and practice a new intent on my life.

I am participating in this scholarship because we are planning to go with my two children to participate in shamanic courses in Costa Rica and this grant we would come in very timely.

I give thanks to all Nagueles, all the warrior of light who continually support us in this journey.

Sincerely grateful

If you would like to vote for Madhuritta please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

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  1. “Ask the Cow,” Madu

  2. You have a clear appreciation of what you’re looking for: an embodiment of wisdom. Nicely stated. You have my vote.

  3. My vote for you Madhuritta

  4. Let me sighing all these warriors with their inspirations and so deep feeling
    In their hearts. To participate in the competition for scholarships. All full of light
    Never ceases to surprise the nagual Lujan Matus with its offer of offering us dragon’s tears I felt a lump in my throat when I received your email.
    I get really excited and Illusion and I wonder how it would if I could change all these energetic fixations. That surrounds us at every instantante, as it could reality everything what they say books, teachers, that we can only change by applying theories, that allow us to feel stagnant energy from emptying, to reach States of lucides and harmony. me I say. Would be fascinating.

    My purpose of participating in Lujan Matus’ dragon’s tears is to realize the complex of rrecoriendo energy all meridians of the body and able to feel the energy as it flows into the universe
    A new vision of life, which allows us, to have purposes Claros and bring us inner realization and enable us to unlocking all the chakras trayendonos. Do happy people around us, with a sweet heart and a lucidad mind. And to face the life before us.

    I feel the need to get to know the teachings of the Nagual Lujan Matus, to allow me to complete my training in this life. And to help other beings of light in its evolution.
    Thank you for giving me this opportunity to realize the dream of all Warrior and make progress in this cluster of filaments. Very respectfully Madhuritta…

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