The meeting in the equator

This is the final application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program and it was submitted by Malvina. If you would like to vote for Malvina please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

The great forces of this universe is awakening at this moment.. The meeting of the male and the female energies..

I’m a bringer of light holding the key of the fifth dimension in my heart. I’m a manifesting of the Christ energy and the Maria Magdalena a child of the Christ // My souls knows what salvation is and I have the gift to liberate souls dead and alive.. My linage is from the star of David Star and all the angels of the Christ in by my side ready to assist me at any moment..

All of this messages I receive some weeks ago from a healer that goes into trance and the angel Michael Gabriel Uriel and Rhafael speaks true him in trance.. The most intense hour of my life and the most liberating healing season I got.. And all thanks to this healer being able to step aside and let the angels work true him..He removed a very dark lord who tried to posses my soul for years without managing..I will be forever grateful for this healer. And so becoming free I also want to give back to the universe the same gift/The angels also told me that I will work with them in the same ways to help others as he helped me.

That’s is what healing is about for me being a pure channel of love and compassion.

My hole being is golden light . I need help to channel this in a proper ways/

I booked a ticket from Sweden to Peru to attend a yoga course in January some time ago and ticket home in costa Rica In June its opend one year ticket. I been feeling the call to write because there is no coincidence in life.

As a young woman as the angel called me princess. I’m calling out for my brothers and sister to help me channel this energy .. I need to learn and receive the teaching of Lujan. I been trying to meet with him several times after meeting a very dear brother of Mine called Michael Looko who gave me the book and told me about his incredible intense meeting with Lujan. And also I could see the transformation in his body. Remarkable and it came from hard work. Exactly what I’m looking for.

Since the age of 7 I cant remember my dreams // I lived in such an amazing world meeting angels and visiting the most amazing worlds/ Both talking to fairies and leprechauns. I can remember of flying like I can remember strange things like laying in the bath top and I went under the water and feel like a stay there for hours. I remember taking of and flying like It actually happened in real life.. Its a strange feeling

After reading the books of Lujan in Thailand I got this intense longing to awake my third eye completely so I can do lucid dreaming..

Lujan language in the book contains hidden secrets not available to the normal eyes.

As everything is completely black for me a I go to sleep and wake up I don’t know anymore how It

Evan feels to dream/

So much practice in years I been devoted to spiritual life cause I feel the importance of this life mission. Been preparing meditating the mind clearing all and making the body very strong. Feel how I am ready to start this work and take it to another level to bring all this souls to the light with the help of the angels and the christ energies. Bring them home with Love..

The angels told me that I would be more clairvoyant.. I have a blockage somewhere and when this is removed by doing the course I will be able to help many brothers and sister when the world is at is darkest point. I know I can receive many messages from light world at the moment I have difficult to understand them at all. And the tools of Lujan is helping but I feel I need the push out of the nest .. There is a little bird that doesn’t know how to fly properly and need that little push.

The master will return , the force of Christ;and we will feel when this happens.The earth will shake..

Lujan is the master of dreams that shows they way to the fifth demotions..

He ways of sharing is knowledge of the invisible world is practical and its essence is pure love

I’m looking for discipline and I promise to give my hole being to prepare for this mission.

This is the truth the pressure is very much on me ..Its not always easy to be a angel in this world and I’m asking for your blessing so I can grow to my fullest potential to bring this very sacred knowledge and light to this world.. I have the golden key in my heart I only need to find the doors that opens the gate.. Lujan can help me find it.

So be it.

Blessings to you all // My beloved sisters and brothers

If you would like to vote for Malvina please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

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  1. You have a vote here :)

  2. Princess is a beautiful word to describe a beautiful person. The angel was right. Sounds as if you’re literally on your way to the meeting.

  3. another vote for you – may the journey to angelhood be guided by the most divine and loving beings!

  4. Soo there is still this divine operunity to meet you Lujan.. May our phat cross in eitehr cause.. I would like to do the course to awake my inner being to its full ponetial. Opend that gate that is blocking me in my practise and being fully present / I do hours of heart meditation evryday. And stay alot in stillness. I feel this would be another chance to recive the blessing of Lujan teaching.. if you would consider me i would be deeply humbled.. Thank you.

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