Shadows in the Twilight: Conversations with the nagual Lujan Matus

This book is an atomic bomb of information that will change the way you see everything.

When Bill asks Lujan Matus for feedback on enigmatic events that have marked his awareness, he discovers exactly how his expectations and conditioning have prevented him from truly seeing the marvels that dance before him. Like countless others, Bill’s personal journey was influenced by seminal works published in the 1960s that introduced subjects like ‘the energy double’, ‘dreaming awareness’, and ‘first and second attention’, into popular culture. Exploring these fascinating propositions in waking and dreaming life, Bill was confronted with discoveries and challenges utterly unaccounted for by conventional interpretations of reality. Naturally he wanted to know what was really going on and, fortunately for us, fate delivered him to Lujan Matus.

An easy flow of dialogue belies the gravity of the material, as the nagual deftly elucidates the very fabric of existence with unequivocal yet humble authority. These are no second hand sorcery tales but astounding revelations from a seer bound by his own inevitability to communicate what he knows to those who wish to wake up. Suffice to say that Lujan depicts the workings of the holographic matrix of reality with a precision that could not be invented, decoding riddles of human perception that up until now have been surrounded by confusion. The sometimes alarming nature of what he reveals is tempered by his consistent and multi-faceted affirmation that the key to finding freedom lies in the integrity of our hearts. Don’t expect easy answers or ego-gratifying platitudes however – Lujan’s voice is devastating to preconception and leaves no room for convenient interpretations and personal agendas.

Lujan identifies, in concise and uncompromising terms, the pitfalls that may encumber one’s quest for awakening and how to overcome them. Highlighting kindness, truthfulness and humility as our greatest allies in the struggle to evolve within the complex arrangement that is both our gravest entrapment and our most magical opportunity, Lujan’s words are a luminous bridge to the next level of awareness.

Nagual Naomi Jean

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