Golden Lotus Series Testimonial

The Golden Lotus Series workshop with Lujan Matus was a great experience with learnings beyond the Quetzalcoatl series.

The Series

The Quetzalcoatl series contains 12 forms seamlessly woven together as one fluid expression. One does not just perform the series, it is an active expression of intent to harvest or draw moon energy into the energy field, which is actively structured to receive this energy through the performance itself. The practitioner creates, defines, strengthens and nurtures a holographic matrix in the energy field every evening during the lunar month. Once a month the series is performed in front of the full moon at which time the matrix absorbs the full moon energy.

Since the matrix is part of one’s energy field, the moonlight energy absorbed by the matrix is absorbed by the energy field.

Once the Quetzalcoatl series has been preformed at full moon, it can be followed with the Moon Gazing technique found in the book ‘Awakening the third Eye, Discovering the true essence of recapitulation.’

So Far

While new to the Golden Lotus Series – two weeks of practice – palpable energy movements through my body are already apparent –in my case as heat. I also note a distinctly different energy ‘signature’ to that of the Dragon’s Tears.

The workshop

The experience of being with other attendants learning the series was very useful. Lujan started each session engaging the group to ‘clear the air’ –my term. This entails making sure that any issues that came with participants to the class, and which could/would interfere with the session are dealt with and ‘cleared’ before movement training starts.

The pre-training ‘discussion’ offers an opportunity to experience dealing with an ‘issue’ oneself, and to see (with the detachment that distance it brings) how Lujan supports another to deal with an issue. This live example of the teachings in action are very, very useful. Most notably it highlighted again how simple it actually is if one commits to applying it. I said simple, not easy… although committed practice should make it easier.

Thanks to all participants for their role in the learning and experience, and to Lujan and Mizpah for making it possible.

Yes I do recommend the training, and as before, I recommend any training with Lujan because it allows one to see a model example in action.

South Africa


Photo courtesy of H.Koppdelaney

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