Soup Number Five

Soup number five is a combination of bull’s testicles and penis. The delivery that I received from the local butcher also had tongue and as well as meat from the groin area.

When we were in Costa Rica, we caught a water-borne parasite that is called cryptosporidium. This was devastating for our immunity and adrenal-heart connection. It took a year and three months to eradicate this parasite from our system.

Fortunately Mizpah found the only herb that treats it, called Chaparro Armargo.

As a consequence of being affected with this parasitic disease, our adrenals were exhausted. So Mizpah and I decided to take glandular formulas to strengthen the adrenal glands. My student is bringing these in about a month and this is why I have opted for the bull’s balls/penis combination for now.

My experience was extraordinary. Half and hour after eating a portion of the soup I had noticed a tremendous surge from my kidneys connecting to my heart. And the next day training was unbelievable. After only one meal it feels like I am almost back to normal.

I did try sheep’s testicles in Texas with my best friend, Lee. It didn’t seem to have the same effect.

Nevertheless I am fruitarian all day and have one small portion of this at night. One pot of soup should last over a week so I am sharing it with some of my Filipino neighbors.

I have come to love Asia very much. The people here are so gentle and very aware.

Anyway I send my love to you all and hope that your life is well.

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  1. It’s not surprising that bull’s testicles have more andrenalene than sheep’s; that is the nature of the beast, no?

    This *precisely* epitomizes why I’m vegetarian (well, almost vegan). “You are what you eat” – we physically, chemically and energetically consume what passes through our digestive system. It’s no wonder there is so much agression and violence in the world today when animals are electricuted and slaughtered so inhumanely. (Although halal meat isn’t much better, I feel.) The price of life is apparently on sale this week.

    Now that I no longer hunt and fish my native land with my father, I would rather eat the produce and grains of my new home.

  2. Beef has many special properties unlike other meat. My friends used to take this in order to respond to lower energy levels, which were caused mostly by daily emotional stress.

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