The Windlock System and Earth Energy Tapping

As of April 2012, Lujan Matus is no longer teaching Earth Energy Tapping as a separate program and instead it will be incorporated into the Windlock System.

The Windlock System supplies the warrior with the fundamentals of Shadow Fist Kung Fu.

This system tightens and binds the muscles to the bones, causing the warrior to have an extremely lean and muscular physique.

The name “Windlock” describes the actions that are performed. Each movement affects a specific organ, opening and clearing the meridian system, creating a clear bioelectromagnetic flow of chi.

Lujan has been in possession of this system for over forty years. The Windlock System helps bind all the core muscles to a central energetic matrix that runs from the perineum to the crown. It also sends shock waves to the chakras and this is determined by which movement is performed.

Many kung fu practitioners have not been taught how to lock their movements. This in turn leads kung fu practitioners that have not obtained “Windlock” as the primary foundation of their systems with a grave weakness.

It is imperative therefore, no matter what style that a person has learned, to integrate the Windlock so as to establish the power necessary to stay as stable as an oak tree, yet be as flexible as bamboo.

Lujan will also teach some Shadow Fist applications so that the warrior will understand all facets of what they are learning.

The Windlock System is extremely invigorating; cleansing and fortifying the immune system and turning back the biological clock. After six months of Windlock, one’s body should return back to a late teens/early twenties physique.

It is truly the shaman’s guide to power. Through these physical movements, joy and happiness will be in abundance because of one’s youth returning.

For registrations for the Windlock System received prior to April 31st we are offering a discount of 15%, which is $300 off the regular cost for this program.

Participants who have previously learned Earth Energy Tapping are invited to attend the Windlock program for a discount of 25%, which is a $500 reduction.

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