The nature of the nagual

This is an imagery that is slowly becoming alive and then dissolving at the same time. I want to share it because I struggle with allowing my deeper illusions coming forth. It may not seem like it because I post so much but I know it and now that I am practising Dragon’s Tears and Windlock they are just flowing out like a tide. My kidneys and liver are particularly active. As I prepared to go to study with the nagual I remembered dreams I had a couple of years ago. I kept visiting this island where there were large buildings right on the sand by the beach. I can’t remember too many details and specifics (though they are slowly coming back) but I do remember that one time the ocean was so strong it flooded the bottom levels of the buildings. At the time I thought it was my inner emotional turmoil- and it was. I was not surprised when a few weeks ago I was standing on the same island. One particular day during high tide the wind was very strong and I was standing watching the waves wash into the front of buildings as we prepared to walk up the path to the nagual’s house. I stood very still absorbing the moment as I knew it to be important. The multiplicity of information is still unraveling as a await for more information to flow: the buildings the imagery structures of illusionary control built upon this world, the crashing waves the force of emotions as we struggle within ourselves, all images within me too. I remember in the dream becoming aware that the edifices built could never really withstand the full force of nature, so now as I work on recovering my nature my edifices are slowly coming undone. The nature of the nagual is his ability to guides us to our true nature.

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