The Windlock System: Awakening the Dragons

By Luma

As we sat down for a break the Nagual Lujan asked us if we could feel the energy flowing through our bodies. I could feel swirls of chi flowing all over my back. Lujan explained that these were the dragons flowing to where they were most needed. Sure enough they kept on moving here and there, coiling all over my muscles.

Over the last decade I had begun to lose physical shape. I had never really had any physical confidence and the mind talk made every excuse as the kilos piled on. I was pretty scared of what would happen taking on a very physical system like Windlock.

Windlock is very physically demanding, yet the feeling of energy that it awakens is so strong and exhilarating for me that I cannot stop. There are so many sensations I feel as I practice the movements, even when I’m in burning pain.

The Nagual’s words echo in my heart “you are your only opponent, not the pain,” and “bend your knees lower.”

I want to push through the threshold as my growing strength shows me what I have been missing.

Other than developing a strength I never thought possible, there have been two other very tangible effects: the intense feeling of chi flowing from my hands and feet all day long and the profound silence I feel.

The silence is a deep connection difficult to explain but incredibly precious to me, reminding me of a very special place. Like blending with the infinite horizon.

There are moments when I am so still within, feeling vulnerable yet strong, slowly becoming more and more aware of the incredible power that burns in my body.

The dragons awaken.

Photo courtesy of ZenOnline

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