Hieroglyphs from The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception

When these hieroglyphs were elucidated by Juan Matus in the narrative of “The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception“, what was not mentioned, which I will follow up on in another book about the alien interventions upon the consciousness of seers of new and of antiquity, is that the hieroglyphs themselves, in terms of their language and interactive components, are meant to be silently witnessed; never used intellectually to stabilize one’s position.For in essence this will only reveal the folly of the perceiver that tries to control the outcome through their syntactical response.

The truest application of these hieroglyphs is within the silent reservoirs of one’s body consciousness. They cannot be categorized, nor used against others. They can only be a self-reflective formula that equips the seer to travel upon their own personal inner journey.

Thus from this elusive position, words from the heart will spring forward, thus nullifying intellectual referencing and appropriately describing the indescribable from a non-linear source point. Thus neutralizing the first two hieroglyph’s original purpose.

For in essence the hieroglyphs are but a feeling. Be careful not to be trapped within the syntactical loop that the intellect can create through reflection of entrapment that they will ultimately create if a person attempts to stabilize their understanding within the incessant loops of the mind.

This is the reason why I have never used this language to teach with. It is a process of self-realization for every individual to come upon. They are just a road map that can only be seen from an empty perspective.

Recently I published a book called “Awakening the Third Eye“, which deals with some of the subjects spoken about in “The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception”. I am still continuing to attempt to further elucidate the complex information that I experienced around 50 years ago.

This explanation will be ongoing for many years and will take many editions to fully explain what has taken place.

I have also written a book called “Shadows in the Twilight“. This edition deals with the predator and the implications of second attention fixations in terms of removing our awareness away from our true potential – our double – which will open up multidimensional aspects of our true capabilities.

I also have now established the system that was intimately connected to all this wisdom, which originated in the Altai region – the birthplace of shamanism, so as to help the practitioner gain inner silence through their true body consciousness.

Shamanic Tuition Programs

Here is a link to practitioners shamanic tuition testimonials elucidating their success by virtue of the fact of letting go of the social eddy that binds through the socially determined limitations that govern reason.

It is difficult to reach an understanding of the hieroglyphs unless one practices these techniques. They bypass the intellectual process and connect the seer with the intimacy and directness of their body consciousness.

One example of this is to take one of the most essential gates of the Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake.

Look at your hands then feel the potency of their presence within your connection to their function as a first attention faculty. Now close your eyes. Lift your hands and look at them through your closed eyelids. Feel the magnetism that they emanate.

Follow your breath and your heartbeat to the reservoirs of inner silence that these magnificent appendages create. There you will find no mind where all circumstances are equalized and the consequence of explanation falls within one’s true inevitability. There the true multidimensional aspects of one’s being are revealed.

Here is where the source point of the universe speaks its reflection without an utterance. In essence here is the portal: the interdimensional gateway. This is how a shaman – a light traveler – moves in between worlds.

And there the self cannot affix and the mind retreats and one’s true journey begins. Here is where nothing can be referred to. For each step that is taken beyond that threshold, one’s past ceases to exist.

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