Dragon’s Tears: Seeing Into the Human Heart

By Luma

All my life I have seen energy in different forms at different times. Most of the time I was tormented by what I saw in people’s speech and their energy fields. I didn’t understand anything and the shadows that surrounded me slowly became my own. What easier thing is there than to shut our own eyes when we know we act with selfishness, malice or manipulation.

The predator is real, yes. It conspires to make us less than what we are through our compromising behavior. When I behave with anything less than truth and love I speak to the predator’s mind and give it permission to take the better part of me that is infinite love and twist it to its purpose. I have choices. We all do. Faced with how little responsibility I have exercised on own my choices, who have I sacrificed but myself.

My task now is to be ever vigilant. As I begun to write this I saw a simple chicken tied tightly to stake in the sweltering heat. My heart went to it, yet I resisted the impulse to feel scorn and judgment for its owners. How would that be of any help or have any integrity? I held the lotus in the palm of my hand and through my heart I spoke to the chicken, telling it that although it might be suffering right now I wished for however short its life would be that it would have shelter and food and water. I sent my heart to the people living in the house I wished for them to see the plight of their dinner in a compassionate light.

With that I made peace with myself. When I looked again a few minutes later they had moved the chicken under a large and shady tree and given it an old corncob to pick at. I silently thanked them.

Lujan warned us that the predator would find our weak spots and try to use them against us. The suffering of animals has always affected me deeply. If I cannot change the circumstances upon which they travel I can at least open my heart and bring forth loving understanding when I feel the predator’s hand press upon me. My impeccability is the only thing I can fight for.
My seeing now reminds me to be ever vigilant and truthful. I see my heart as my teacher so that I don’t’ have to live in despair, rather speak the truth of my feelings as I hold the lotus gently in my hand.

Photo courtesy of Q Thomas Bower

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