Whispering Palms: Shamanic Movements

Photo courtesy of Mara Earth Light

Whispering Palms is a beautiful, elegantly woven set of coiling movements and standing postures that teach the warrior how to collect very densely packed energy below the hips.

This set is partnered with the Windlock series and is practiced in the morning after this set has been performed. The preliminary circular walking is introduced, preparing the practitioner for Temple Bagua; the most advanced set that will only be taught to selected students.

Whispering Palms strengthens the legs and introduces the initiate to an extremely potent electromagnetic field that will accompany them through their day as a photonic awareness of one’s potential emanating from the skin. This alerts the warrior to the full spectrum of influences within their environment.

The Guardian Set is also taught and integrated within this system. Here I will teach what I learned through transmission from my double. These movements will beckon this very powerful element to protect all facets of the warrior’s life from any detrimental influences.

You can see one portion of Whispering Palms – Embracing the Tree – in the video below. In the second video the preliminary circular walking set is demonstrated, which is preparation for Temple Bagua.

The Bagua walking that I possess concentrates on the central force of the warrior; not an external central polestar focus, as is taught in many Bagua systems. The system that I have inherited folds in on itself, leading the energy to be absorbed within the center of the warrior as they walk.

Photo courtesy of Mara Earthlight

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