Doing Windlock with Lujan Matus

Today was my first day doing Windlock with Lujan and first time ever meeting this man. One of the things that shocked me most was that Lujan is soo comfortable and FUNNY to be with. My relatively high shoulders dropped to the floor upon meeting him and talking.

One time when he mimicked a classical tai chi man he made me laugh so hard that I actually god cramps in my stomach. He is so alive and fast, while so tender. And he is Crazy!! What strength and condition he has!

One time he also showed me something cool. He asked me to stay opposite of him some meters away with my palms open to him. He then send me shock-waves of energy out of his hands and I then I felt waves of energy touching my hands.

The first part of Windlock I have learned is very unique and demanding I’m very much looking forward to learn more of this set and everything this man incorporates and being in his presence is very special.

Thank you

Endre Lunåshaug

Photo courtesy of ViaMoi

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