Infinity and Beyond

This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by SistaOceania. If you would like to vote for SistaOceania please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

Last year, I did not put in a submission for this incredible opportunity. Now that a year has passed and the opportunity is upon us again, I can see how this year’s experiences, posts in the Forum and Lujan’s more recent works have shown me more where my attention needs to be, where my responsibility lies and through time, where I have built walls that limit me. My interaction in the Forum helped me to see that these walls confine me from Oneness and all of its potential and the impact that has on all that is. As a result, I feel a little bit more ready this year to embark on this piece of writing and submit it.. to join in. It has taken me a year for my fear to subside and for more of the illusions to fall away.

I can feel waves building below the surface of my consciousness. I would love to learn Shamanic Movement with Lujan because learning directly in the physical is more real, integrated and whole for me in the moment. More body consciousness, less mental noise when I apply myself physically. I need to learn new disciplines, revitalized forms. I have struggled with the implementation of interpreting the associated text with Lujan’s teachings into action. A more direct experience would help me in my ‘becoming’ and my ‘being’.

There is a power in my physicality that I would like to take beyond what I already know and express. The Warrior in me, who is a physical presence is still ‘sleeping’ for many reasons, some I know and some are still hidden. I have hidden gifts and I need to apply myself to a student experience now. Until I spoke with Lujan on Skype, I have not felt safe to completely ‘be my-whole-self’ in a learning situation. There are some things in me that I need help to unlock. What I know of the Shamanic movement systems that Lujan teaches seems to me to be the only thing I have been exposed to which fits some of the callings I have.

I had been looking for and asking for a specific ‘Living-on-the-Planet’ Teacher. The events leading up to me being exposed to Lujan; his books/teachings leave me with no doubt that this information and its application is an unfolding pathway that is the answer to the question I asked. The teachings available are the answer to the calling I had put out there, some of this I had relayed on the Forum. Lujan is the teacher ‘living on the Planet today’ that arose when I asked for more ‘real time’ teaching. Even reading the books have been very hard and arduous lessons.

Since coming into contact with Lujan’s books, teachings, the PP Forum and doing a few online sessions with him, I have experienced repetitive unveiling and veiling cycles in the way I experience life, myself, people, loved ones, dreams, sleep, my physical environment, my meta-physical environment, infinity. The way that I interact is different. I have arrived at a place in time with myself, where I can see that something to do with myself, who I am in this physical body with my specific genetic make-up has the opportunity to evolve at a heightened level.

Lujan’s teachings have impacted me at a core level, like a consciousness inwardly unraveling and emanating outward. Learning face-to-face with Lujan is a way to help me become more responsible for who I am, what I carry, when and how I exist. I can be of service in a different way than I have been until now.

For me, there is an amplification that is required, a remembering and a release. Perhaps, this scholarship will help with that. Thank you for this opportunity, I am not sure what else to say, except to open myself to a new experience and to share transparently from my Heart.

I am looking to study Shamanic movement directly with Lujan in order to evolve, participate and contribute to Humanity and our collective evolution.. to do my part. I would like to learn with Lujan so that I may become more and more purposeful with my life, here and now.

I would like to learn ways to express and experience more harmony and less distortion. I am realizing and becoming more and more ‘OK’ with the extremities of Infinity and beyond.

Lots of Love to you all

Photo courtesy of Paul Bica

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  1. Thanks for the interesting essay. I am new to these beliefs and techniques so it was quite an eye opener! Abz

  2. In OneNess -much love XL

  3. :) Thanks for reading it <3 <3 <3

  4. blessings for your journeys sister, good luck :)

  5. blessings for your journeys sister :) good luck

  6. Good luck Sista!

    It takes great courage for one to be “one’s-whole-self”.

  7. Much love & thanks :)

  8. Good luck, Sista! Much love to you.

  9. Good luck, Sista!

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