Unconditional Love

 This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by Vladan Bajic. If you would like to vote for Vladan please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

“The intricacies of reality is composed of syntax and grammar and is what cogenerates the sustainability of form. Nagual Lujan Matus words are keys to the matrix to be deposed of the shadow mind or might be that the awareness of the same mind that is incorporated in our waking self through the possession of the other/energetic being.

Interestingly that I as an hesychast in the eastern orthodox mystical Christian school, and former practitioner of Mahamudra and Zen Buddhism, Taoist and Don Juanist have been trying to understand the WORD and the Intent behind.

Nagual Lujan Matus gives a precise mechanism of the WORD and how the word is interconnected to Intent, i.e. reading his book in a kindle form I have been repeatedly enchased by the working of my energetic body, i.e. going into waking dreams… But, here comes the catch of my inconsistencies and self-deception, thus unableness to address fierce acknowledgment of the shadow, I’m now in non control and danger when trying to awake in my other which as a consequence exerts a circulus vitiosus of my fears.

How to find love, the opposite of fear, how to express my heart, how to see the shadow and not discern into morbidity and in longing for power?

As Shakespeare has engulfed our minds into his word to show the journey to light by expressing the context of socialization and how our teachers fix our energy in self reference and self-indulgence thus leading to darkness, then Nagual Lujan Matus through the use not only words but syntax and their combination to Intent opens us to the heart of the problem, alleviating our fear to see and our fear to love….Can he bring unconditional love, well I choose to believe so…..”

Vladan Bajic

Photo courtesy of Eirikso

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  1. May the word carry the voice of your heart. Good luck!

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