The Gift That Keeps On Giving

This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by Bard Melchizedek. If you would like to vote for Bard please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.
Lujans work is always deepening and enriching my life. It is a little like the gift that keeps on giving :) Although I have never met him in person (which is why I want to get this scholarship – I so want to meet him), I feel his words so deep as a guiding light. I know that he stands %100 percent behind everything he writes and posts.
I still remember with great fondness the time when I was introduced to his work. It centered around a little group we had. Spectral, my girlfriend, and two friends of our’s formed a deep bond around The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception. We had all been on deep spiritual journeys, and we had all felt a deep discontent with what was put forth by teachers and authorities. 
There was always something NQR (Not Quite Right) going on. Finally, Lujan’s book came along and put it in perspective. We spoke for hours about the heart and the corruption of intelligence. We saw what we had experienced and knew the NQR feelings were not only A Ok, but completely justified in terms of the innocence of our hearts. And it was some sweet writing too. As a writer, it was amazing to see the English language (to my knowledge a damn corruptible language) used like a sword to cut through to the truth: 
Give, except where it weakens, receive, except where it compromises,” 
Life can be a process of observing what we are interfering with, rather than interfering with what we are observing.” 
These are some of my favorite quotes.
We were not only overjoyed to find Lujan’s work, we were inspired. I remember how as we coalesced we delved deep into our own lives and journeys and shared experiences, taking strength from what we were sharing from the words of a man who had gone so deep on the hearts journey. I arrived at this period of my life with a spiritual broken heart. It was only spending time with Spectral and reflecting on Lujan’s words that gave me hope again. Despite all my sickness, extremism and volatile intellectualizing of spirituality, I somehow knew things would be ok.
Over the years, it has more often than not been his teachings I have turned to. Nothing else has managed to stand the test of time and initiation that this life has brought.
Bard Melchizedek

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  1. IMO, this is the essay that reveals the candidate most ready for the message Lujan has to transmit.
    His work in the group with Spectral, and his commitment through time to delve deep into what Lujan can offer him.

    “taking strength from what we were sharing from the words of a man who had gone so deep on the hearts journey.”

    Seemingly, living with the words and letting those words sink deep into the psyche, preparing him for the opportunity to receive the gift Lujan offers, beyond the verbal, into the physical, and then into the transcendental.

    A Warrior is born.

  2. I vote for you Bard!

    Something inside my heart was touched upon reading your essay. A grounded feeling of inspiration and simplicity for life stays with me after reading it.

    Thank you bard. You made my evening!


  3. ah the spiritual broken heart.. i can feel the courage of presence that has arisen for you now.
    i love this one too ““Life can be a process of observing what we are interfering with, rather than interfering with what we are observing.” “

    good luck :)

  4. Bard, Lionheart. I vote for you! Much love to you.

  5. It is so good to meet Lujan, I hope you do.

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