I am an explorer, not a believer

This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by William Vigil . If you would like to vote for William please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

I am a lifelong atheist, a casual student of science and spirituality who believed in nothing but the ground under my feet – until that ground was shaken by a quiet miracle delivered in a handshake from a stranger.  Since then, I have followed the path with open eyes and I’ve learned to better read the trail, which has lead me to the intersection of the physical and the metaphysical.  
Beyond the brambles, voices call to me, praising one name, trying to paint a god in my mind, but intuition whispers to avoid these images and seek the man.  I scan the trail ahead, see footprints in the deadfall and find this scholarship red and ripe among the leaves.
So here is my call, returned across the treetops; if he answers, I will go without a why.  I am an explorer, not a believer:  I know almost nothing about Lujan Matus and have avoided what is written about him, hoping instead to receive him with a clean mind.  I would wish the same for him with each of us, but how then could he choose?  
So reluctantly I paint my myself here:  I am a master of kung fu, student of jujitsu, judo, steel, and the mind; instructor of soldiers, mothers, convicts, and children; a warrior poet who has worked in print, film, etc.  A butterfly dreaming he is a caterpillar.  If chosen, I would like to document the trip and our time together.  Thank you for this opportunity.  I wish peace and abundance for us all.
Thank you
William Vigil

Photo courtesy of Eye of Einstein

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  1. Wow! As a teacher I would feel honored and challenged the same way to meet & teach you Will.

    A strong heart: very intense and straightforward.

    But don’t forget, there is nothing to fight for here :) :) :)

    Best Wishes & Good Luck for you, Warrior..

  2. Poetic as it comes.

    Love your sheer honesty and fierce fearless affirmations of what is felt inside.


  3. good luck butterfly

  4. Warrior’s heart. Good luck, Will.

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