The Vibrational Force

This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by Boyd Thompson . If you would like to vote for Boyd please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

Because of visions, I bought a ship. My wife gave me a djembe and I took it down into the hold to see what it would do. In the complete darkness, the massive reverberations described an acoustical cave that extended far beyond the steel sides of the vessel. The ship was a drum-boat.
That first night I drummed for two hours and fell asleep in the hold. In the middle of the night, I awoke in fright to the snorting of pigs in the compartment. Two peccaries showed me a tunnel in the compartment bulkhead and I followed them on my hands and knees. I emerged into the desert scene represented at the top of last year’s scholarship submission. Though it was night, I could see by the faint light of my presence and soon I was standing near a loud vibrational force that sounded like the short circuiting of a power pole transformer. Then I awoke a second time.
I continued to drum in the totally dark compartment for the next two months. One night, a high pitched vibrational force burst into the compartment to my immediate right. I did not drum again for six months.
Upon resuming, I drummed for several sessions and then a lower pitched vibrational force burst into the compartment about fifteen feet to my left. It was a blue fog that moved from my 9 o’clock to my 12 o’clock where it remained for the rest of the session. I have not drummed for four months but this time I am preparing myself, utilizing The Mirror, Eternities Gaze, and other processes. I wish to study with Lujan Matus to better approach these events.

Boyd Thompson

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  1. From drummer to drummer :

    A strong vibration is out there.

    Good Luck Boyd !

    • Thank you. I appreciate that. Sincerely, Boyd

  2. Good luck, Boyd. Hope the beat takes you closer to Lujan.

  3. hope you continue to drum your way to seeing the blue spectrum, boyd. thanks for the story.

  4. Drumming within a highly resonant, enclosed space such as a cave, ship hull, or perhaps even a shipping container acoustically paints within us the surrounding structures. This in turn makes physical within us all that surrounds us. Duality recedes, and with it, the foreign installation. The internalizing of our surrounds in this manner is similar to sonar but perceived with the whole body. Entrance of the vibration force, however, gives one pause.

    The challenges facing mankind are such that it will take a sustained collective action over the next fifty plus years if we are to see a successful resolution. It is essential that we identify effective methods, such as The Mirror, for overcoming our sense of duality.
    Boyd Thompson

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