My tools are my discipline and my heart

 This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by Dan Jonatan Elis Ruohomäki . If you would like to vote for Dan please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.
I’ve known about Lujan for many years now and have previously participated quite a bit on the forum. Ever since I first found Parallel Perception I’ve known that I want to meet Lujan but circumstances have dictated otherwise, so far.
I’ve realized that just to travel to another country and spend the amount of money and time to meet him is an act of power and I’ve known that the time will come I have just not been sure when or how.
I found PP when I was beginning my journey and had such great benefit from being able to interact with people who I truly felt were coming from deep integrity and love. It was amazing to find such a place even if the mode of communication (text based forum) felt limited at times.
At first I wanted to go right away (to meet Lujan) to challenge myself and learn and evolve, but I wasn’t able to go mainly because I didn’t have the money. Later I could have gone but other things felt more important at the time and now, I still don’t quite have the money but have soon finished my studies and saving it up wouldn’t be that big of a deal.
So for me this scholarship would mean being able to go and meet Lujan sooner than I would have otherwise been able to go. So if there is someone applying who truly would not be able to afford it, well, I wouldn’t want to be in their way.
With that said I do really want to meet him. Having read his books (still finishing the last one) more than once I love the way he writes and communicates his reality through writing, which in essence is energetic transmission if one is open to it. Often I have had to turn off my analytic mind and just absorb what I was reading with my body because there has been no other way to assimilate it.
I’ve met a few precious people in my travels who have been energetically so different that just by meeting and interacting with them I have had deep internal shifts and realization and everything I can feel about Lujan tells me meeting him would be something like this.
I’m still discovering what I am doing here on earth and how to let this be expressed in the best possible way, but I’ve been an avid practitioner of meditation, Qi Gong and practical shamanism for 4-5 years. I’m absolutely positive this isn’t my first rodeo on earth and that I’ve been doing this for quite a while. I feel a deep sadness when I see the state of things (in the world) while knowing at the same time that I am the creator of this, in every moment. So the only thing I can possibly do is to discover myself and through this hope to find the magic within that will transform all life.
My tools are my discipline and my heart, my intuition and my inspiration  I’ve realized that I need to combine what I can sense in the unseen within this living construct, to use Lujan’s words. To bring heaven and earth together in my heart and allow that which is to be in every moment with such depth and honesty that the only response is love.
I’m soon finishing my education in social treatment work in Sweden where I will be working with addicts/psychologically ill people who need “help”. I put help in quotes because this is simply the pretense all people involved have chosen to play out their own drama, but this is the business I’ve chosen to step into and I intend to do so with the highest possible integrity I can and I think meeting and working with Lujan could be a great help in this.
Thank you,
Dan Jonatan Elis Ruohomäki, “Dan” from PP forums.

Image courtesy of Mara Earth Light

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  1. Ditto! :)

  2. :)

  3. Good luck Dan. Funny how sometimes saving to travel is easy and other times it is more of a struggle.. but ultimately we travel at the right time & it could be filled with perfect surprise.. blessings for your timing :)

  4. Good luck Dan!

    loved your words:
    “find the magic within that transforms all life”

  5. Good luck, Dan. Hope spirit carries you closer to the nagual. Drop in and say hi in the forum, too.

  6. Thank you beautiful people :)

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