No words; Gestures.

This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by Michael Kallina. If you would like to vote for Michael please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

 How to find words for what has happened when i meet Lujan ?

As what happened, mostly happened not on the level of language, of preformatted words.

It was an exchange of gestures, of the sound of his voice and the many levels of depth in his eyes, And magickal beauty and friendliness of his heart. … supporting my heart in remembering my own friendliness again.

Not always the easy way.

Lujan can really be tough. He confronted me to see the shit I have been indulging in. The sorrow that I had imposed onto others in a stupid selfish way. The arrogant behavior and attitude of disgust that i offered the world around me.

Running away from the devastating self pity that i had enclosed in my guts and my heart. Making myself quite sick for a long period time in my life drowning my organs in stuck emotions.

Looking down especially on woman.

Doing the windlock program was crucial for me.

The spiraling movements help me in a magic way to cut through old patterns of contempt and lostness again and again. Day after day.

Developing the prowess of being an unique spirit in a healthy, independent, strong body. Strengthening my legs and my bones. Developing dedication and discipline. Entering a world of being of service to others.

Transforming the me-mind-demon-drown-in-emotions-dualistic-f***-others-before-they-f***-me predator


a-human-being-daring-to-speak-the-sorrow-and-dark-secrets-of-my-heart-dreaming-myself- forward-in-silence.

I am deeply grateful to the unspeakable ways of the Universe that made me meet Lujan with the help of others. And i am looking forward to learn from him dragons tears in Palenque. Welcoming more spiraling movements into my life as a wonderful expression of my souls design. So that i do my part and duty that we as the human race stand up and claim our right of being magic beings, living within peace and harmony on this planet.

I feel in my heart i still have a long way to go, learning and refining will go on, i guess forever.

but i am deeply relieved, that when i lay down at night now

i feel the beauty of silence in my body — that is my mind– that is my heart.

Michael Kallina

Image courtesy of Stephen Poff

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  1. Thank you Michael!

    An honest and clear essay. Humbled by reading it.
    Good luck! :D


  2. A clear heart. Good luck, Michael.

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