Learning with the Nagual Lujan

This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by Luma Chichiwa. If you would like to vote for Luma please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

 There are defining moments in one’s life that shape destiny and bring forth so much wonder and possibilities. Coming in contact with The Nagual Lujan’s work, and his person, is like that for me.

I have learned so much over the last year. Putting it all into words is like trying to capture the waves of the ocean: where does one begin and another end? The knowledge gained is fluid and cannot be fixed upon a specific premise. Despite what I have learned I do not know anything as I cannot hold on to it. The heart forces me to be open and accept what comes and I marvel at how awareness reveals my path. It is through everyday action that learning has any meaning. I am so much more aware of life, my life, as I live through the perceptions that the Nagual’s teachings embed. The many layers that coexist in my awareness are beginning to form, not a shape, but a movement. The movement flows with every step taken along the path as I act in ways that have a meaning and a purpose that feel so magical.

Learning with the Nagual Lujan continues to be challenging; his words echo and his teachings weave into situations in unexpected and at the same time fully synergistic ways. Experiences become ‘knowings’ that rather than build some static knowledge tower, challenge my perceptions of my self and what is possible and awaken me further. Nothing is solid, as the perception of the social construct dissolves and my heart drives the observation and recognition of my path.

I’ve learned most of the Dragon’s Tears set and Windlock, yet I feel like my learning is just beginning. When I read that the scholarship would be for the Winged Serpent series, it called out to me. During the Quetzalcoatl Moon Gazing, my body calls to the movements, longing to move with the energy. It’s like a song that I remember the tune of but not the words.

I have learned to feel and listen for the call within me to move towards what beckons from That Which Cannot Be Known, so here is another step in the journey. When my heart says, “Do it”, I do.

Luma Chichiwa

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  1. I’m sure you would love the do Quetzalcoatl movements. They are very special. One of the first days of practicing it, I experienced something I will never forget. I forgot myself almost totally during the practice and a exquisite feeling of comfort flooded in. I wanted to to continue doing it forever.

    A vote for you

  2. loving and intelligent Luma

    so happy you’re here

  3. A Truckload of Love to you, Lovely !

    You made it…:)

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