As you are walking silently along this path, I am with you and witness.

This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by Sarah. If you would like to vote for Sarah please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

As you are walking silently along this path, I am with you and witness.
(poem 2002 Sarah)

My name is Sarah.

I awoke in the dream to a long journey. I was aware of others that were simultaneously traversing this dreaming track. Alone carrying a surf board in the desert with great intention and direction. The path itself drew me forward. Sometime later I came to a great bowl form in the land, In observance I stood on the lip quietly relieved to have arrived. Before me were luminous library shelve structures with glowing texts, nestled within the desert she-oaks.

I sense that the Lujan Matus texts are of this luminous library. This great and deepening inner journey that I have been within, has lead me to this current nexus with the Matus texts; within this meeting I have found a significant and key Insight Master.

The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception, was introduced to me as a consequence that started from two in particular enigmatic and undecipherable experiences. One while sleeping and one while waking. I did not have the tools to comprehend the experiences despite years of study in Tibetan Dharma, anthropology, vipassana meditation, visual arts, alchemy, German New Medicine and so on.

There is a profound sense that I have come to a threshold experience; and am in a vulnerable state of fuller sense capacity, yet partial comprehension of the dangers and laws of the dimensions. I sense that the physicality of the techniques will assist grounding and protecting and supporting my being, to strengthen and build resolve. I believe Lujan Matus is a key, reference point for my new era, and his work will assist me profoundly while deepening the tools I have already applied myself to.

In the company of others great storms appear from the ether. Some unseen forces subjects now to a cataclysm and density. The shadow inspects its opportunities… Wars are staged daily.

Sovereign subjects and familiars announce themselves as foreigners in confusions born of a enculturated awareness, or ‘shadow’ feeling itself revealed.

The unfathomable hungers of dimensions are sensed.

Unrelenting challenges day and night.

A quietude announces itself in my living construct, where as once revealing presence more so in the second attention or dream construct.

Retreat is made, refuge palpable, necessity resonates in my whole being. The ‘double’ is approaching close, and too those entities that do not want to give up their feeding source’s. I am warned.

The dream precipitates and upon realisations revealed whole body healing phases erupt as consequence. Additional tools must be sort in order to resolve this journey.

I recently turned forty and gifted myself the Matus texts. This work is unique in many respects; the subjects and themes and hidden dimensions he speaks of have been mishandled by many. Entrapment seems to occur around the revealing of these dimensions. The three texts I read are un-ideological and un-apocalyptic yet intensely radical and political, real and poetic, exuding such clarity; trickling coolly like a forest stream.

Lujan Matus’s spiritual offerings are medicine and a wonderful antidote in the zeitgeist of our times. At once able to cut through socio/cultural systems, that restrict our intimacy with the tasks of awakening in the living matter of now; offering also a reflective review of spiritual practices, adapting behaviours to the needs of living a life in dimensions. They are timeless for this reason and have the capacity to support many on the path.

I have been waylaid on the path, despite the tools I have sort and studied. The past visionary, insight, dream, biographical experiences had been read in to personal a filter I sense.

Indeed the more recent sightings have been so beyond familiar paradigm awareness, that comprehensions are only possible through stepping into a another paradigm; beyond the personal.

I am recognising now more cogently the struggle for sovereignty of self in multiple and meta paradigms, that is afoot and heightening. One by one and together we have a significant journey to participate within, which has profound and sobering ramifications.

The below poem was written by me at gallows surf break in southern Australia. It was a moment where I felt a profound shift in my inner landscape. A decision was made to take refuge in the living planet/ cosmos. Trusting completely that through understanding and being involved within the poetic relationships of natural and sentient life cycles; a deep healing and intuitive intelligence would flower more fully. Going beyond the cultural construct to be of service speaking and resolving and integrating the relatedness natural to this planet.

I dedicate this poem to the love of our blue planet, of self and each other.

Touching the view, wide as it is.
Smooth ocean breathing heaving,
and the beauty of you.
Epic narratives in indigo and silver blue.


Photo courtesy of Matthew Stewart

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  1. sarah good luck :) this is an important discovery and i loved reading this part about taking refuge in the earth & cosmos,
    “Trusting completely that through understanding and being involved within the poetic relationships of natural and sentient life cycles; a deep healing and intuitive intelligence would flower more fully.”

  2. Good luck, Sarah!

  3. I have not checked in with this site since january. Thankyou for you comments, and kind thoughts.

    I really appreciate the quality of engagement in this portal.


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