Emptiness and Everythingness

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Recognising your path is not a linear activity, for how do we know what we recognise, other than feeling familiarity with what becomes before it does. The more time I trace through reading the books from Lujan Matus and contributing to his forum, the less linear my experience is with what I have learnt here and how it has potentiated my awareness. Yet this is impossible to agree with, because the more I recognise what is less linear, the less I have ever been in a linear experience. The difference is that I have come to recognise myself without pressure, to let go of myself, to let go into everythingness, like a ping back to home. Lujan’s frequency rings the doorbell to home, because in recognising myself, I recognise more clearly the everythingness, without questions.

Like the chicken and the egg never really being before or after each other, there has been a geometry of pings. One day, the phone rang, and the voice said “PING!”, which sounded like “Hi Phe you must be one of Lujan’s friends”. I said “Who?” which sounded like “PING!” and this ricocheted through a kindly loaned book to the person called Lujan. He showed up in my next dream, and basically said “PING!”, which is a much longer story outside of its origami form. As origami, it could fold into a Buddha, a rollercoaster on a luminous path, a memory of practising movement forms, a group mind able to relocate through movements, a form of space creation through vocal toning, and an infinity of other folds that are all heart shaped light. With every interaction on Lujan’s forum or with his books, the light folds, the light pings, glimmering with recognition to my feet along my path and playing me like I’m a singing bowl. It’s like walking along wet luminescent sand, reflecting where to go, because it already has become and I remember. As I remember, the linears become geometries, moving and unpackaging and becoming ever more fluid and interconnective.

One particularly Pingful day on the forum, Lujan wrote to me,

“you are so very close to the workings of precognition and its related functioning to the third eye. You will obtain a lot from the up and coming book.

What I have noticed in the forum of late is a gathering momentum; an unspoken knowing of those that have been subject to the information and this in itself has created an unusual ebb in the fabric.

And it is also time that this facility within every human being awakens appropriately at this very crucial moment that is forever ahead of us, behind us, witnessing the moment that continually escapes us.

I will give you one clue. It is a principle of controlled folly. Be aware of your heart center as you watch another. Do not seek validation while you witness. Be of service to the folly that presents itself with 100% of your integrity. By virtue of this you will become impeccable and the literal meaning of this word is to be without sin and to be without sin is not to regret anything you have done and will propel you into everything you will be doing with the power of not wanting recognition.”

And so it was, has been and will be that I obtained an indescribable lot from doing the practices in the book, Awakening the Third Eye. For anyone that comes into contact with the information and love that Lujan transmits, the ping continues to pass back and forth gathering momentum, telepathing unspoken knowing, toning awareness like sonic architecture, and potentiating emptiness and everythingness.

The depths of not seeking validation is the most humble and simple method of healing the heart that I have learnt. The heart relaxes and stops referencing itself to externals, which stops it being drained by illusory pressures. The heart and somatic wisdom carry the ping like a singing bowl transmitting the sounds of the universe, translating the truth with authentic, playful, creative, free, simple intelligence in joyful perception of what is.

Living out the learning of movement forms with Lujan is inevitable for me, and yet moving towards that has also tasked my physical life in really strong ways to get me there. Abundance that was easy before, pulled the rug out and required for me rebuild, retreat and simplify. This has all enabled for me to anchor to this planet in a way that I could only do when I realized that I am everything, and yet so much falls away because it is irrelevant to emptiness and everythingness.


Photo courtesy of Images by John K 

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  1. oh Beautiful, Phe :) The last line, especially! <3

  2. I have learnt so much from you over the years at PP forum that I know my path would not have been the same had it not been for Lujan, you and many of the other lovelies that gather there. I’m so grateful to you all. I do hope you get to visit Lujan and you all have a glorious time laughing in fits.

    Unfurl beautiful blue butterfly, unfurrrrl :)


  3. Honestly: when you attended at the Forum a few years ago I was sceptic about you for several reasons: First because I saw various great women with a vast potential joining who in the end put their own agenda and imprinted complexities upon the loving realm of PP and the knowledge offered. Then because from my experience that many attendants (and people in general) shield themselves off by peddling with their “knowledge and sophistication” by pretending to give it for free while they actually hiding the dark side of their character to get what they think they want or need.
    But not you phe. You often surprised me by being such a “living lexicon” of esoteric knowledge of all kind and finally I recognized your impeccabillity, your innoscence and your natural way of caring for each other. I was fairly astounded that you also didn’t meet the Nagual in person up to this day.
    And last not least I’ve got a little wink when reflecting about your nick “Phe” (not dreamdesigning anymore :)) :
    In german the very similar pronounced term “Fee” means “Fairy”.
    And thats what you have been throughout the years : A Fairy godmother.

    Hugs & Kisses, Good Luck and much Love to you *heart*

  4. amazing! I’m humbled reading it…

  5. wow. thankyou for these unexpected comments, made me cry a bit lyra and andre big love to you.

  6. You are so beautiful, phe. I rejoice feeling you learning the moves and growing from being with the nagual.

    Geez, what a magical path we’re all on. The magical pings of the universe.

    Much love to you!

  7. You are a beautiful inspiration to all Phi. To witness someone that continually walks the path of love, with such honesty and no judgements, is like seeing a light at the end of the tunnel for others that have experienced the dimness! Shine on blessed beauty! <3

  8. little blue fairy!

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