In the forever of the now

This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by Craig. If you would like to vote for Craig please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

 I have done many forms of martial arts since I was a young boy, always searching, yearning for something that I never found, until I found Parallel Perception. The other worldly descriptions take you on a journey within themselves, simultaneously reigniting a flame within me that I thought was all but gone.

Learning movement with Lujan felt like finding a treasure chest full of precious jewels within me that was so deeply buried, I thought it had disappeared through time. The movements are powerful, fluid, harmonious and oh so Beautiful, it puts a smile on my face while writing this.

I now understand the ancient Taoist text, “iron wrapped in cotton” as the movements are so fluid like water but rooted in power. Power and love combined is the key, as power without love leads to destruction.

How wonderful it is to meet one who brings me back to myself. The flower of my heart opened as I was showered with affection and love from such a beautiful person. I felt the echo within my heart as I was called from the depths to come forth, called to awaken. These are some prose that comes to heart…

As the forever of the now ebbs and flows as a sound reminiscent of waves of my breath

The challis within my heart opens, beckoning the truth within to shine and illuminate my path

And so my heart blossoms as a beautiful flower graces a new day, a new life

Swaying and drifting, the flower dances, caressed by the Wind

Radiating sweetness and freedom within

And so Without

Eternity and Infinity

Beyond words there is only Love

In the forever of the now


Photo courtesy of H.Koppdelaney

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  1. Yeah, sometimes it’s beyond words. Good luck, Craig!

  2. To my shame I missed our essay Craig.
    But now reading it I understand why Lujan has chosen you – interestingly I find some parallels in your way of expressing to how I sense Luma’s way doing so :) – the only one who commented here so far btw. *laughing*

    Congrats & much Love to you Craig

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