Winner of the Parallel Perception Scholarship

I would wish to thank everybody who entered the scholarship program. And from my heart of hearts appreciate everything I became aware of that was embedded while perusing  the essays.This year I have chosen two people. And for the rest of the entrants I am going to give a free group Skype session and impart a very old meditation technique and explain the intricacies of this.

While in Palenque, on the transition point of the year 2012 , I experienced many things. As I die to myself I awaken to the deep intricacies of my destiny as a human being and a teacher.

The scholarship program has brought me many realizations. Great sadness by virtue of the fact that I know there will be disappointment for those who do not win and hope that all that participated find the discipline and balance within themselves that I have found in my life because what doesn’t come in the time that you wish delivers one into a great and deep reflection of oneself. I also became aware of your longing; the need for encouragement and support and this I hope we can address within our Skype session.

In Palenque whilst teaching the Dragon’s Tears this massive group of people emanated so much love towards me. I saw myself through their eyes and thus they saw the willingness and hope that change is possible and that an infinitude of possibilities are within the range of our perceptions at this time in space that has been localized by our attention. The room became like an electric magnet and as the mist rose from the ground, as the earth embraced all that participated, everyone realized their true potential and their connection to this beautiful planet.

It took three days for this to occur. The room suddenly popped. This has always been my goal and my aim: to give people the tools to enhance their life and enrich that very precious journey that is oh so short. And within the blink of our eyes it begins and ends simultaneously.

I have chosen Luma Chichiwa and Craig to participate with me in Vietnam. Please contact us via email to arrange the dates.

All other participants please send us an email with your preferred times for Skype in Costa Rica time, and your Skype username.

I look forward to speaking with you all and experiencing this unfolding; this unique collaboration of attentions.

With a loving heart,

“As I am, so are others; as others are, so am I.” Having thus identified self and others, harm no one nor have them harmed.
Photo courtesy of U Kersting.

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  1. Congrats Luma and Craig, happy journeys <3

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