Meeting a Wonderful Teacher and Learning Body Consciousness


I met Lujan Matus this year while he stayed in Vietnam. Before this trip I visited him two weeks while he was living in Costa Rica. It was two weeks of sheer enjoyment and I knew after those two weeks that I had to visit him again, I was very sure, it felt very right. It felt right not just because he had so much insightful teachings but also because he was a wonderful teacher and a man.

When I came home I set a plan and dreamed of doing an another trip and meet him again. I was very motivated and I studied a lot, earning as much money as I could and spending as little as I could. After 7 months of this I was ready to go to Vietnam.  Those 7 months of working turned out to be very demanding on many levels because of my health issues, but I made it. Now, two months after I came home from Vietnam, I could not have been happier about the choice to go and meet him, I have no words to describe my gratitude towards him.

For many weeks I have wanted to write this testimonial. At some level I have problems with expressing my experiences and feelings and write them down. It’s so many experiences, so much good that happened, but I just have to begin to write. Excuse my way of writing, it is a bit here and there as I’m writing everything that just comes to me and I’m editing very little. That’s the way I have to do it to be able to write it down right now.

I stayed there for six weeks, it was interesting and challenging, but Lujan was always supporting me a during those weeks. This trip meant so much for me. I learned so many new movements during all those weeks and I have enough material for years of study.

Even though, I’m coming to Turkey to learn more. I expect to use many years of study to learn it properly and I discover new things often, adding new dimensions to my training. I have not trained as much as I could, but I always want to one day get the energy to train every day, one day I’m there.

There are lots of different positive effects coming as a result of this training, but there are some things stands out for me that I want to tell about and that is the development of “body consciousness”.

I just recently had an experience that made me understand a whole lot more what this really mean. I was lying in my bed and as I did I turned my focus inwardly on my body and especially on my center, the dantien. I did this to shift my focus from my head, that was full of thinking and creating fear and limitations, to my body. As I changed my focus at some point I suddenly began to feel and think from my dantien.

As I did this my internal word changed completely and I could feel instant insight continuously arising in me. I could feel so much, so much truth. All those problems and fear that had been created in my head, was no longer a problem, because this time I was thinking/feeling with my body. It lasted for a long time and then I fell asleep. I awoke hours later happy and I had dreamt happy dreams, I can’t almost remember since I did that.

This feeling I was experiencing was a feeling of connection to my body. The feeling is the same as I had when I was a kid, where lots of things where interesting and I just wanted to do things, running, riding my bike etc.

I had lots of good moments in Vietnam. All those good moments of training, laughing, yes there’s a lot.

I also want to thank the other students who I met during the trip. The trip would not have been the same without you.

I really really recommend meeting Lujan and learning his system.

Thank you!



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