Sleep Paralysis: The Shaman’s Approach

sleep paralysis shaman

Dear Lujan,

May I ask you something?

At the workshop in Istanbul you mentioned : You all here had the experience as a teenager you were laying in bed and could not move – I was really astonished, my whole lifetime I met just one person who made this experiences and now I am sitting an a room with so many people, all knowing what you meant.

You also told us this could start to happen again and I forgot about it till last night. But the way it started was different. Usually I heard a heavy noise and I know I have to move, if I don’t than I am paralyzed. This time I was dreaming and an old gypsy lady sitting next to me turned into a shadow, fixing my, almost like squeezing something out of me. I could not move and I fought very hard to wake up and to be able to move again.

My question is: is it the goal to fight and to be able to move again. Or is it the goal to overcome the fear, be quiet and see what happens then.

Mostly I fear the presences of the other beings. I am sleeping under a crystal dome but anyway the dome could not be strong enough.

I hope my question is not too confusing. Maybe this is also something to share with others on Parallel Perception? Thank you for listening, Blessings, Brigitte


Tracing Back the Energy Body

It is not unusual for my students to undergo radical transformations in terms of experiencing sleep paralysis. The reason for this is that the luminous cocoon tracks back to its essential vitality that was there when we were youthful after learning shamanic movements.

As the energy of our body becomes familiar within this experience, the same phenomena that occurred from early childhood till teens begins to happen again.

Jinn: Inorganic Beings in Turkey

I am now in Turkey and because of this I will answer your question with one of my experiences.

I have a very powerful lucid dreaming attention but I choose not to traverse the second attention and if anybody wants to know why I will answer this question in a future blog post if anyone is interested.

While in Turkey I was awoken from a deep meditative state, where my second attention is stationed in silence. This was my first experience with the Jinn here. They are a subsection of shadow beings, or inorganic awareness.

Their ploys are to activate fear through violence. One grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and punched me with so much force I did not react. I watched as if I were a limp rag doll as this Jinn attempted to awaken my fear. I just relaxed and watched the whole scene.

As I persisted in stillness it was as if the Jinn couldn’t see me anymore. They continued for three days and on the third day stopped their interplay with me, realizing that I wasn’t there and it was futile.

From this point I could enter the dreams of the Turks nearby in houses and rooms and watch as the Jinn played out their machinations with their dreaming attention.

Should You Struggle?

So the complete answer to your question is: be docile, as still as stillness can be, and just watch. If you awaken from your dream paralyzed just watch. Attempt to overcome your fear of paralysis. And if you cannot overcome the fear of paralysis inform your partner that you are going to scream and they should shake you awake. Your screams will sound like they are muffled in your throat and can’t escape. They are like whimpers. This will be your partner’s cue to awaken you.

If you don’t have a partner then you are just going to have to awaken yourself and it may seem like it is taking hours even if it is only thirty seconds. Be strong, open your eyes and awaken yourself. Soon your eyes will gain the power and knowledge of that attention by gazing at the waking world.

Your journey is at hand.

Lujan Matus.

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  1. I too, had experiences of being paralyzed in my dream state as a child and adolescent. And at times in adulthood. 20 years ago I practiced Tibetan dream yoga and for some time was able to awaken myself from a terror dream state by being able to focus on the manifestation of Chenrezig and the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum. It’s been a while since I have had these experiences. I have been practicing the movements I learned from Lujan last April. In some of my dreams I have been able to watch with stillness, but there have been other dreams a few months back where I felt I had no choice but to slay the aggressors and I did. I intrepreted this as taking my power back. I have not had such terror dreams since then. Although, perhaps they may arise again at some time.

  2. I must reiterate, a very important factor for everyone to understand.

    The dream image that one perceives in the second attention, or dreaming, is not the double. It is a photonic projection from the third eye.

    These images that you see in dreaming – if activated – use your photonic potential. So it is best to be as neutral as possible and don’t fight and don’t become emotionally involved.

    Our double is engaged inter-dimensionally and is the central axis point of everything that we have not yet perceived. That is why it is so very important to wait for the mystery to unfold.

  3. By the way Pema, it is great to see you here.

    The technique that I mentioned above – not becoming reactive – is called ghosting.

  4. Thank you Lujan and Cema for what you are realying. I find this very interesting.

  5. Thank you Lujan, how do I practice ghosting? When I aggressed in the dreams I experienced it as self defence. You say it is better to be neutral and submit to the violators in my dream? How do I do that? I was told by my therapist that my reaction in the dream was a sign of a breakthrough that I am taking my power back. This is in relation to an assault that happened to me in the waking state four years ago. Can you explain a little more. I would like to better understand this.
    much love,

  6. I just re-read what you explained above about being still and waking myself up. I hope I can do this. Perhaps I need to meditate on this as I am going to sleep. Are there any other ways to practice achieving this besides the movements I learned?

  7. Pema, having conflict within your dreams definitely means that something is stored and unresolved within your energy field.

    From the shaman’s perspective fighting is reactivity to a deeply embedded emotion that has been stored viscerally. These memories for social people are used as triggers in the waking world as subconscious warnings that are not recognized but appear as minor reactions, intuitions or déjà vu that comes upon a person that create drama so as to highlight the hidden elements that you are viscerally aware of. This is how it begins socially.

    If you go back to Awakening the Third Eye or the end of Shadows in the Twilight there is the mirror technique. This is a minor portion of the Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake, which you have learned from me.

    These techniques are to allow a person to watch all elements’ imprinted points of reference that arrive in others and in oneself’s circumstances. Then using the ascension and descension technique to allow yourself to return unencumbered after these techniques. This is a form of ghosting – to not be affected. To not react but to observe and this applies to dreaming as well.

    If your body stands to fight then you know that something inside of you is standing to fight and not observe.

    This is turning out to be an interesting subject. I haven’t fully covered this. It is going to require another blog post if you have more questions. This is a good thing.

    Lots of love

  8. “If your body stands to fight then you know that something inside of you is standing to fight and not observe.”

    Lujan, Pema, thank you for this conversation. You have been a loving balm for me this week.

    Situations arranged themselves so that I would have to face my ‘petty tyrant.’

    I have been away from home, and confronting an emotional situation that has followed me for a long time socially. This then played out in dreams with bizarre ‘fighting dramas,’ while in the waking state there was a strange energetic dance of social maneuvering. The emotional turmoil that this crazy social dance created in the waking state, and crazy situations in dreams (which I would wake up from eventually), left me exhausted.

    Yet as uncomfortable as it was to deal with, I don’t feel I would face the imprint that this experience revealed otherwise. I have been hiding from this energy drain, and it has laid within my energy field ever so well emotionally justified. I can’t say I know all the nuances of what this means yet, but it was pretty incredible watching all events converge to point this out to me: to not fight by engaging in energetic struggles that weaken my integrity. I have nothing to prove because I am unimportant, yet I must above all treasure my energy and behave impeccably, being awake and aware to the excuses that diminish it.

    And now, to remember that there is nothing to fight, simply observe and allow the transformation to awaken. Eight Gates, here I come.

    Much love to you.

  9. Thank you Lujan for the clarification, and to you Luma for sharing your experience. My petty tyrant rears her ugly head at times too…and I need to breath and take a good look at myself. My ego can get the best of me.
    I recently became aware of how much imprinting happened to me while in my mother’s womb and in my early years. I have been carrying around a deep rage that belongs to her. And now I am working hard to let go of it. It’s a burden.
    Lujan, I don’t remember learning the Eight Gates. Was that during the Mayan Winged Series or Windlock?
    love and gratitude,

    • I was under the impression that you had learned it because you were in Vietnam with us all. It is a very distinct practice, you would remember. So if you don’t you probably haven’t learned it.

      Lots of love

  10. Thank you all for sharing your experiences! I really appreciate to read all that different stories.
    As child I had bad nightmares, that time I learned how to wake up intentionally and then how to control the dream. And still so much to learn about it. How to behave in this worlds.

    I have one big question and I would be glad if you can share your experiences on this subject too.

    As I understood, best is to observe, to wait, not to fight.
    Does this also apply for the 3dr dimension? And why is it then so important to learn martial arts? Is there any situation where we really have to defend our self? Is fighting against someone always an illusion because we are always hurting our self?

  11. Lujan, what if one finds themselves fully outside their sleeping body? Past the dream images, past the immobile physical body, and about ten meters away? Is this also a dangerous situation as regards the inorganic influence?

  12. Thanks for the questions. I will make a new blog post to answer your inquiries.

  13. Very fascinating subject with an interesting sychronicity.

    I was practicing in the daily world conscruct a posture that Lujan taught me just some days before. It’s a static posture and is connected to a specific animal. Maybe Lujan will describe more about it. After the practice I relexted on the couch. It was on the first floor and my partner was sitting next to me reading something. I fall asleep…

    …I waked up in the dreaming consctruct. While it looked somehow different it felt very similar to the daily conctruct house where I was sleeping. My partner who sat next to me in the daily consctuct was in the dreaming conscruct, too. We talked about a topic and then I went to an another room on the second floor in the small house. And suddenly I realised that I missed to do my special routine to distinguish if I’m in the daily or the dreaming world consctruct now. I felt uncomfortable and asked my self how in the world I could missed to do it… and started to figer out what I should do next. I went to a nearby room and looked in to the mirror,… I was the same like the one who was sleeping in the daily world construct, even the clothes.
    The visual view start to change,.. it was like looking through somekind of liquid… I try to change it but I couldn’t….

    Suddenly I was back in the body of the daily life construct,… the liquid vision was the same like in the dream, but much more brighter through the day light. I couldn’t move my body. I was aware that my partner was still sitting next to me. I’ve tried to move my arm,…no chance, It felt like extrem heavy honey. Than I started to try to say something…., but no way, too.-) Ok… what to do now? Without to think about I tried to move my self that was still in the dreaming construct in front of the mirror upstairs and to make something noisy… I expected to hear a sound downstairs where I was sleeping or at least ask afterwards my partner nearby if there was a sound upstairs….
    Only some seconds later the heavy mess start to disolve and I awaked up fully in the daily construct and started to talk with my partner and ask if there was any sound coming from upstairs… but my partner didn’t hear any sound, at least not something that was obvious.

    I’ve explained to my partner that if I’ll make any soft or whimper sounds in the future while I’m sleeping, .. to wake me gently up.

    At the same day this new blog artical was posted.

    Lujan, ….is this somehow connect to the posture I’ve practiced?

    And is there any kind of connention to the awareness of the double (4th attention) or was this more a photonic potential of the third eye experience?

    Thank you.

  14. What Xan is referring to is an ancient tiger posture from the system of Shadow Fist Fundamentals.

  15. Wow, Xan, what a powerful example. That is exactly what kind of experience I was referring to, also. Looking forward to Lujan’s answers.

  16. i have been dreaming of fighting evil wolves alot lately the only scary part is that at first they scare me then i take the evil that they project and use it against them becoming evil myself this feeling empowers me but yet scares me at the same time last night i dreamed wolves where trying to get into my house they where snapping at me through the glass trying to get into the door i was grabbing them one at a time as i opened the door killing them instantly as i touched them and at one point they out number me so i looked at them and started to snap and growl back at them through the glass this feeling I DID NOT LIKE then one stuck his head in the window and i bit his nose off and at the moment that the blood ran down my face i awoke FROM THIS NIGHTMARE it was very disturbing to me and one of the first NIGHTMARES I HAVE HAD IN A WHILE !!!

    • I would take Lujans advice, being that to remain neutral and watch the unfolding, however you must manifest this into your dream state is going to be a journey of yours.
      I’ve had a dream where I’ve became violent too animals as well, I was running around from some big cats and didn’t want to die, I found some guns and took them using them as a bills club at one point, that point was when another big cat came too me behind a walked up, sniffed me and had a moment of internal dialogue.then I hit the fence with the gun.
      Thinking back now it our journey too silence the mind.

      • Knowing what to do with it as well, our reactions are of the predator agenda, and whenever discovered has to be disengaged from.

      • This is a totally new perspective to me I am going to try hard to be passive and try to not let that feeling flow into me its just that in my past aggression is what has protected me not passiveness i was passive as a child and was beaten and picked on for this very reason my spiritual journey is been alot about trying to balance my demons i feel this is that manifesting in my dreams ty for your input

        • The best thing to do when in a dream is to wake up.

  17. During the past weeks my practice of the Eight Gates has deepened substantially. I now feel refreshed when waking up. I need less sleep. During the day when my mental chatter starts nagging me, the silence take over by storm, so comforting.

    Now I woke up earlier than usual this morning, feeling thirsty, so I got me some cranberry juice and went back to bed. When I closed my eyes I had the reflex to observe my silent breath and then I heard a voice that I couldn’t identify, pretty much like the Sentinels I’d been hearing several months ago.

    It’s summer time here in the Indian Ocean and a mosquito was flying over my cheek. I tried to open my eyes but realized I couldn’t and my body couldn’t move either! I freaked out and kinda shook myself out of it which was successful on the second attempt and I’m not so proud of that decision now, but what I found interesting and unusual is the whole drifting into that state happened within seconds and it’s the first time I’m experiencing sleep paralysis before falling asleep, as opposed to the phenomenon always being experienced upon waking up.

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