Live Your Life In Truth

truthInspirational writing by Richard, a member of Parallel Perception and a student of Lujan Matus.

Take your time to witness your observations and allow the fluctuations to settle, so that when you speak your truth, you speak with clarity. Your truth can not be degraded in exposure, because you can only speak it when appropriate.

Don’t concern yourself with how your words will be received, concern yourself with the position from where they are spoken. Live your life in truth.

Before you share with anyone else you share with yourself. In how you receive your own perceptions and reflect upon them you find the wisdom to speak words that bear significance to another.

In sharing, you let go of what you have witnessed, so that your story can transcend you and you will find not your sense of self enhanced, but your connectivity to another human being.

If you forgo this connectivity for the sake of your personal validation you will only perpetuate self absorption. Reflect, and you might find something unexpected.

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  1. The convenience of borrowed truths facilitate a pointing that is eclipsed by the ego, a resonating self gratification in the panic room of self loathing. The idea that someone is actually out there that receives whatever message your pointing at is like gazing into the Sun, a mirror that no longer has to pretend, that is the transcendence that is a wake call and makes it all worth while.

  2. Jerome could you please clarify the metaphors that you have embedded so that we can further understand the meaning of your writing.


  3. “Let go of what you have witnessed…so you can transcend your story” Thnks. I think that’s the bit I’ve been missing. I’ve been caught up in a lot of my own stories about what I’ve witnessed and inadvertendly allowed them to define me. The past is past. Speaking truth (as outlined in the post) to improve the connectivity with another makes much more sense for both speaker and listener. Thank you Lujan.

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