Jing Essence and Sexual Energy


Hi Lujan!

I’m having a question about lower dan tien/jing essence. Chinese medicine states that we are born with a certain amount of jing essence in our kidneys/lower dan tien.

What is your view on this theory?

You once told me about the lower dan tiens ability to grow bigger and embrace the earth and that this happens as a result of your training. Does the jing increase as a result of this process happening?

Are there different stages of energy development in the lower dan tien?

And I have a another question I have thoughy about for some time. It’s about sexual energy and how saving sexual energy is important for storing energy in the dan tien. What’s do you recommend in terms of health and energy development? :)

Lots of love


The jing essence is defined at birth. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) they say that it is limited and when it is finished your life ends, which is the case. So protecting this essence is very important.

Because you have been chronically ill, it doesn’t mean that your jing essence has been compromised too badly. You will have to do what you can in terms of avoiding stress and eating correctly for your constitution.

It is always good to be grounded – have barefoot contact with the Earth – wherever is possible. But because you are heading towards winter in Norway it is very important that you keep your feet warm, otherwise you can damage your kidney energy. This also goes for sitting down on cold areas.

Avoiding EMF as much as possible and ask your father whether you can turn the electricity of the whole house off while you sleep. Cold and hot showers alternatively in six repetitions is good for your immunity as long as your lungs are strong. For you this probably will not work in cold weather due to your medical history so this is a warm-weather practice for you.

Whispering Palms will protect your jing and kidney essence. When you turn into your twisted roots – and quite frankly all the movements of Whispering Palms – coil toward the ground. This inadvertently puts your foot in the right position so your bones open up so that the energy from the kidney point in your foot can rise to the inside of your legs.

Don’t concentrate on this. Just focus on the movements and the magnetism from this practice. You will feel as if your body is getting heavier as the months go by while you are practicing. This is your whole-body vest developing. This inadvertently protects your original essence.

When this vest fully develops your jing will be sealed from any leakage.

As far as sexual energy is concerned, it is always prudent when one has been ill for a long time to conserve sexual energy. This will protect your kidneys and your cerebral fluids and will stop your brain from shrinking :)

There have been studies done on men that release their semen too often and the more release the smaller the brain gets in physical size. So it is very important to be wary of excess in this area.

I have got very potent practices for this particular area but I have not and probably will not teach this. It is best that you abstain and when you feel the need – as long as you are strong enough – then you can be active. But remember because you are coming into winter it is very important to conserve because of the cold.

He Shou Wu and Shilajit are very good herbs in combination to restore jing essence.

As far as the development of your lower dantien, focus all of the movements from everything you have learned from me to this area. The development of your lower dantien is intimately connected with your heart. So when your intuitive capacity increases, then you can be sure that your dantien is abundant.

In your Windlock practice, focus your movements from your groin across to your armpit. Turn your feet slightly in so you don’t have your weight on your heels or the knife-edge of your foot. This is the same technique to open up the bones so your kidney point allows the energy to run on the inside channels.

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  1. Thanks for answering my questions so thorough. I will listen to your advices very carefully.

    I have in fact noticed when I turn off all electrical advices in my room, it feels like the room is still and my body is calmer during sleep.

    When I was a teenager I used to intuitively know that releasing semen was no good if I wanted joy and strength in my days. I experimented with this before competitions. If I could save for at least a week or more before a competition, I noticed that my body could go farther than I thought possible. The opposite result usually manifested if I did not save my sexual energy. It usually took a week to reach high performance and probably two or three weeks to reach peak. I can imagine this taking longer time as I have gotten older.

    I experience a strange phenomenon at the moment of writing. What I just wrote, in the paragraph above, seems to have been forgotten for many years. By reading your post this intuitive information I had as a teenager about this subject resurfaced.

    Personally I believe that this factor is very important for me and thanks for awakening a part of me to this.

  2. If you release your seminal essence it weakens your legs dramatically.

    There can be a lot of power gained through seminal retention. But you have to be very careful that the retained semen doesn’t get hot in any way because it can cause lower damp heat and burn your jing.

    Each practitioner will learn as they experience their strength and the weakening of this strength through practices. And this goes for all practices in shamanism actually.

    We are always being tested to retain our balance.

  3. Yes. Very interesting.

    How can I know when my retained semen gets hot? And is there as cause as to why it gets hot?

  4. You will feel heat in your perineum and you will have liver symptoms of impatience with a loud voice.

    This can occur while being sexually active with your partner and not releasing. This is one of the reasons why any form of self-stimulation is dangerous in chi gong practices.

  5. Yes, I understand the first part of your post, but not the last. Can you elaborate a little more?

    If no heat is experienced is it then safe to continue saving essence?

    Is the sexual center and dantien the same center?

  6. As long as you are not experiencing heat it is okay. The second question is more complex.

    The sexual center and the dantien are intimately connected. Not in the way that you would expect.

    You see, your jing essence is intimately connected to your bone marrow. That is why it is vital to subdue the need to frequently ejaculate.

    One question you haven’t asked is how does the jing feel? It feels like invincibility. A power that is contained yet fully harnessed when one is sealed.

    That is why the Eight gates are so valuable and how we use these techniques to enter the marrow through being conscious of the bones.

  7. This is a bit difficult for me to understand, it is very interesting however.

    To me, when the dantien glows, it make me silent and safe. I have not felt the jing, or maybe I have felt it, but not known it.

    So one can affect and feel the jing by being conscious of of the bone marrow?
    Is this a way of strengthening the jing?

  8. Good day,

    This is a topic that I have been recently paying close attention to. I have a question and forgive me if this sounds naïve but is it possible to have an energetic exchange in the sexual act between conscious partners. Is there such a thing so that the sexual energy is not wasted but shared among two people?

    • Yes, this requires enormous amounts of passion, love and devotion. Lust is not enough.

      Pulling up both your perineums simultaneously as you trigger, and not climax, is a way to share energy. Touching the tips of ones tongue and sharing each other’s breath is part of this technique.

    • Thank you Lujan for answeing my question.


  9. Lujan,

    Thank you for this information about the need for men to conserve fluid for sealing the jing. I haven’t come across anything about the dynamics of the lower dantien and sexual energy in relation to women. All the information on this topic I’ve seen is for men. This puzzles me, as I know women compromise their sexual energy too. Could you elaborate about how women can look after their jing and sexual energy?

    I am very much looking forward to Whispering Palms.

    Much love,

    • The conservation of jing within women is the same is for men, slightly different though.

      Loss of secretions for women is also an issue as in each menstrual cycle. The way to decrease the amount of blood is to increase your activity in terms of physical exercise to reduce fat levels so the menstrual flow is lessened. A low-fat plant-based diet will have a similar effect.

      Be aware that climax for a women is detrimental if she has physical health issues. In a healthy woman this still has to be managed intelligently.

      Without going into any techniques the root of a woman is within her womb. The health of a man is within the deep root of his genitals. As long as these parts of the body are healthy and strong with good blood circulation, so will the health of the individual be strong.

  10. Thanks for everybody’s participation in this subject.

  11. Thank you all for this information. Very helpful.

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