Carlos Castaneda and the Sorcerers Way


Carlos Castaneda wanted to teach to people the more he could about the Sorcerer way , so is it on your plans to open one consciousness like him? And by which ways ? except the books.

Last question : is it still a group of sorcerers in this reality?

Thank you very much,

Regards from France, Sylvie.


I am completely different from Carlos Castaneda. A lot of his teachings are circular. They track back in on themselves and trap people in intellectual elitism.

This can still serve the warrior but nobody has got a lifetime to waste discovering where the tricks and traps are in his teachings.

I have written books that have covered areas that Carlos did not. This was one of my methods. The other method that I am employing is teaching a system called Lo Ban Pai/Spiral Energetics, which I have been transmitting since 2005. Before that it was not available.

This is the way that I have proceeded to open up people’s consciousness.

Lo Ban Pai or Spiral Energetics opens up the chakras and the meridian system through employing the golden mean. It is highly effective as you can see by all the testimonials that I have received from my students over the years.

I hope to soon open up a healing center and this will allow people to go deeper into the practices.

Your question about sorcerers: the whole planet is based on the premise of sorcery. That’s why we have so much confusion. We need to learn to observe without interfering instead of interfering with what we are observing.

As a planet we are a group of entities that have deployed certain areas of awareness and now we are fixed and this needs to change.

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