Animal Totems and Power Objects


Hi Lujan,

I recently acquired a jaguar tooth from China. I was so excited to receive it. I remember you having said that if you dream with the cat within 3 days the tooth will be active in its protection. Well it turns out I did.

I was well into a fast at the time. It was the second night after the tooth was given to me. Within a dream I became aware of the rhythmical purring of a large cat, off to my left, slightly behind me. This was extremely similar to how I experienced Jagur in Bali.

I became a little startled and tense. She was aware of me and I was aware of her and I dared not to move. She was outside of a screen door. I continued to focus on her purring/breathing and slowly she took a few steps towards the screen and melted through it into the room where I was. As she melted through the screen it sparked and crackled in a visually captivating manner. She slowly and eerily walked on front of me from my left to my right and I awoke into another dream.

I was now in China. As I was fasting I tended to dream of food at night, so I was seeking out some good food. For an unknown reason I was thinking about pork fried rice, which I have never eaten. I asked a few people if they knew a good place to eat but no one seemed to be available to help me, I wasn’t finding true connectivity with them in other words. Finally I came upon a Chinese girl around my age. We immediately hit it off and started to gallivant about the town. My heart was filled with electricity and omitted a deeply stimulating energy and childhood wonder saturated and brought life to my experience. We were holding hands and running about and it was all so beautiful and complete. We came to a park and I lay down on my back, she laid directly on top of me and we just embraced and the love there was profound and deeply nourishing.

The tooth came from a monk. He said it was tiger but I initially thought it was too small, and figured it may be a jaguar. The dream confirmed this to me.

What I am curious about is the tooth developed a crack that runs the whole length about a week or two after I received it. Perhaps it was the change in climate. I am curious if this can become an issue with its use in terms of its protective quality.

I am awaiting a gold setting currently.




The crack in the tooth, if it is black within the crack, then the power object has absorbed black magic. And if it is not black yet it probably will become.

This will be the indication that whatever was within your etheric field has been absorbed by the tooth itself. Now you are protected and the magic that was upon you has been neutralized by the tooth.

A tiger’s or jaguar’s tooth are the most powerful talismans in shamanism. An incantation or mantra cannot attach to a large cat’s tooth. This is why they are so sought after by shaman healers – or shaman witches or warlords.

The way they work is that the tooth spins where it is placed upon the chest. It countermands the heart chakra when it misses magic coming and inadvertently warns the shaman.

However, there is one downfall to this that a warrior has to become used to. The tooth itself produces enormous amounts of sadness when it spins. The longing of the large cats produce this in humans. This is how you can detect whether the tooth is working for you presently. It will spin or dream for you an event that is coming.

As the tooth gets older it will obtain more vertical black lines if there is a lot of black magic around you.

As you know I owned a tiger’s tooth that was given to me by a dear friend at one stage. When I left Bali I gave it to my best Balinese friend. For him this tooth was important and that’s another story.

I would have to say that even though the tooth was purchased and the people say the cat was found dead and then the tooth was extracted after that, I would seriously consider the possibility of this not to be true. You can never tell whether the tooth you buy has been extracted from a tiger or large cat that has died naturally or has been poached. So from an ethical standpoint I would urge everybody who is reading this not to purchase a tooth.

I am presently in South East Asia and I was offered a large cat’s tooth and I refused it for the very same reasons that I have stated above. How can I know whether it was obtained lawfully?

I believe this type of shamanism must now end. But Desmond please understand I don’t blame you or do guilt towards you because of the tooth you have bought. On the contrary, what is done is done and it is what it is.

How do you know it was a genuine monk that sold you the tooth?

By the way most Asians consider large cat’s teeth to be tiger teeth because of their ability to be impervious to spells.

In your experience with the cat, a young Chinese girl was brought to you and she laid upon you. This indicates that you have yin deficiency and that you should consume herbs that fortify your jing. This is the message that the tiger gave to you through the loving embrace of the China girl.

You also mentioned pork. This is used in traditional Chinese medicine to moisten the lungs and revitalize the kidneys. So pursue herbs that will support these bodily functions. For this you may need to see a Chinese herbalist.

Lots of love


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  1. Desmond, there are no jaguars in asia, but there are leopards which are also in the Panthera Genus. I agree that we should not obtain teeth from these precious creatures, eventhough I have one myself. I honor it, but I will never have another one in my life.

  2. Yes Richard that is absolutely true. I gave this butterfly jaguar tooth to Richard. It was given to me by my friend Esteban. It was encased in gold.

    I noticed when I was teaching Dragon’s Tears in Palenque in 2012 that his tooth had vertical black lines in it. This was an indication it had warded off ill intentions toward him.

    Even though Richard had the experience of the cat coming to him in a vision, because I had worn it for a few months before I gave it to him, I knew what he was doing most of the time. This has now ceased.

  3. Hi, yes I thought about this as well Richard, but the vision manifested in the form of a large black cat.

    • Hey Desmond, black leopards are more common than black jaguars!

  4. Hello Luján, we are Carolina and Ricardo from El Aliado joyas in Colombia. Esteban contact us to make the gold case for your tooth. We have never had a tooth in our hands it was very exciting because of its significance and we wanted to tell you that a few weeks later another jaguar’s tooth came to our hands. The person that brought it to us didn’t have an idea about our work. He was looking for something similar. He said that he bought it in Panama but we notice that he doesn’t have an idea fo the power of it in deep. We were very impressed and told him that we just made a work like this recently at this time. They got impressed too. Since then, almost two years ago, this tooth is with us. He left it and never came back. We are very respectfull of it, it is big like from a big cat, seems to had a lot of use, it came with a crack, as I remember it looked clear, I will see later how it is now. When I saw it I felt what you describe a deep sadness but at the same time to keept with respect because of its power. It has a powerfull energy. We haven’t studied in depth this but we are very interested. We wanted to tell you about it long time ago and now I didn’t wanted to let go this opportunity to write to you precisely when you are mentioning the tooth that we met and that is misteriously related to the tooth we have now.

    Hugs, Carolina

  5. I just wanted to comment on your response Lujan.

    You mentioned sadness. After I broke this fast, I cried like I have never cried in my life. I cried from such a profoundly deep level that I felt inside-out. It lasted for about 5 days straight. I cried for the state of the world mostly. The driving content didn’t seem entirely personal.

    My consciousness has shifted after the fast, and now I realize how much of this can be attributed to receiving the power object. When I maintain our gazing techniques combined with my current state it is very nice. I am shocked what you mentioned about yin. Its on point but I wont get into the details. However this is a gentle nudge to view my dream content from a new perspective.

    You mention the kidneys, I was passing kidney stones around the day I had the dream.

    As far as how do I know it was a true monk, I do not. It came from a shop keeper. I was only told this information so I do not know. It came up because the purchaser wanted to ensure its genuineness and was told by the seller that he was an honest monk and would not rip anyone off. Who knows.

    Hugs and kisses

    PS, Carolina I would love to see your work my friend. Is there some way I can view it?

  6. Hello El Aliado, I just viewed your photos and I think the work you and Carolina does is most beautiful.
    Although, I did not see any pictures of the cat tooth in it’s encasement and I would be curious to see it.
    Thank you Lujan and Desmond for all the information regarding the tooth and animal totems. It is particularly interesting to me today because in the past week I have had three animal dreams. The first night’s dream was me in a garden. I was facing my hand toward some tall grasses and summoning the grasses toward me through the energy from my hand. The grasses started to move toward me, and then a long neck with a dragon’s face on it extended from the grasses to me and I hugged him and we playfully snuggled heads together. The next night I dream’t I was swimming in a river filled with fish and a larger one which looked like a dolphin gently took my foot in it’s mouth to get my attention. I was a little scared at first, and then he popped his head out of the water and smiled at me. His face was a beautiful sparkling blue colour. And I felt happy. That was last week. I investigated the meanings associated with these animal totems. I wondered if the dragon was a snake energy. And then last night I had a dream I was sitting in a room with a man and a snake was slithering around him. I was intrigued and scared at the same time. The snake showed his teeth. I wanted to reach out and touch him but I did not because I was not sure if he would bite me. So I just watched and then the snake slithered over to me and gently wrapped around me and I felt safe. The whole time I remained very mindful and alert.
    I have had many challenges lately and have been diligently practicing my meditations and Quetzlcoatl practice.
    My challenge is with letting go of a relationship that is not serving me well. The relationship is exhausting me. I was entirely ready to let go in the past few weeks, but then his mother tried to commit suicide and I feel that I need to support him at this time. I am taking things one day at a time, one minute at a time.
    Lujan, do you have any insight in regards to my dreams you might offer?
    much love,

    • Pema your first experience with the grass yielding to your electromagnetic embrace reveals your youthfulness and that you will always be this way.

      You are the first person that I have met in many years that does not reveal her age physically. You are very similar to me in this respect.

      The grass leaning towards you and the dragon embracing you is the indication of this evergreen quality.

      As for the water and the fish, this is your capacity to love so deeply and to be abundant in all aspects of romance.

      And to answer your question about dragons and snakes – they are not the same. A dragon coils and embraces life whereas a snake coils and restricts it.

      The snake in your dream revealed its fangs. It is not to be trusted. When it coiled around you it was pretending to nurture you and the magic of this serpent is that you sat in your own abundance and it tricked you to believe that as it wrapped around you it was its feelings you were feeling. But alas they were yours. Be careful of this one. Its intentions are to harm you and to drain you of all your resources.

      This is also bordering on answering Luma’s question about dragons which hasn’t been posted yet. They are loving and joyful. Full of wisdom and peace. But when a dragon descends and becomes poison it turns into a snake.

      Ayahuasca shamans consider the snake sacred. I do not. In the case of your dream be very aware because this hallucinogen is possessive and does not wish to show its other side.

    • Pema be rest assured not to be confused about my post. I realized later that you may interpret it the wrong way. The snake that I interpreted for you in terms of its dualism bearing its teeth and then stealing your warmth is the issue. Ayahuasca is another story but they bear the same signature.

      I only say this because I have seen very deeply into this world. I have extricated one individual from the grip of an Ayahuasca shaman. This was my dear friend Esteban. He struggled for 15 years against the black magician. It took me 5 minutes to dislocate this individual. And Esteban has been free since and never will this shaman ever be able to make their way to his sovereign space again.

      Ayahuasca is a very ancient magic and to find a balanced shaman is near impossible these days.

  7. Pema thanks for your comments we are going to send photos to Lujan of this piece so he can show them to you. We decided not to load the pictures of this work in the flickr catalog because it was designed by Esteban and we thought it was very personal piece.


  8. Lujan,
    deep gratitude for your comments. When I read what you first wrote about the snake being a trickster it resonated with me. Yesterday, after I made my post, I had an encounter with the man I am trying to end the relationship with and he was hurtful, so I ended it. It’s over now. And I can rest again in the love I carry. He was stealing my energy. It took me much longer to leave than I hoped for. He tricked me in many ways and yesterday I saw it all so clearly. It has been almost five years since I drank the ayahuasca and I have no intention of ever drinking it again. These past weeks have been a most intense time for clearing.
    I feel so honoured to have you in my circle of life.

    And thank you El Aliado, I look forward to seeing the piece with the feline tooth. This week I am taking care of my uncle’s black cat, Tiny. She is fun to be with.
    love and light,

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