The Spheres of the Nagual


Lujan, please answer me this. I am a nagual, four sphere. Each sphere is a personality? Can these spheres be stolen?

I had a…round about with some people, a pack or something. Of people I meet on the street, it felt as if they haunted me into giving them my spheres or they took my personality.

Is this possible?

Is it possible to lose spheres…or for someone to haunt you into dropping them?

I’m just really scared. It feels me with greed and fear but I need to know.


Firstly, I cannot answer any of your questions. When you give reference to your circumstances where I was not there with you, then only your body can know the answer. Even in retrospect your body will know the answer.

You start your inventory off in terms of what you ask me in a statement of validation and it is hidden behind the belief you are a nagual and for me to validate this for you by serving your questions. Inadvertently this will be done if I don’t speak to this.

If you were a nagual then you would see and know and would not ask for confirmation because you would have the sufficient energy and eyes to comprehend enough and not lean upon another for support. Naguals very rarely want anything from anybody. So I would question your own belief that you are this.

It may be your vanity and validation screaming to be recognized. The only reason that I speak so strongly to it is because it really shouldn’t have been there. So syntactically your vanity is squarely being seen.

Greed and fear are very interesting words. They are like glue to each other and do not belong to a man of knowledge. Nor do they belong to a humble warrior.

Fear is an indication of danger. That’s all it needs to be.

Greed is cultivated through possessiveness. Through a sense of being validated to such a degree that this is brought to light within your sentence structure, which in actuality doesn’t sound coherent. It begs the question, why would you be greedy?

And why would you fear that someone would steal something from you?

And has this fear been brought about by your own ability to covet what is not yours?

These are all the questions you must ask yourself, not me. It is very rare that the enemy is the other person – especially if you can see them – and how can you if you cannot see yourself?

Also nothing can be stolen. But you can lose yourself through not dealing with reality as it really is because you may have given yourself to an idea that is not true.

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  1. Hi David,

    I agree with what Lujan is saying. When I read your post, I felt an incongruence in your words. I wish you well.


  2. I just read Lujans’ repply and felt the authenticity of the words in my chest. How can a being as vast as the cosmos with all the resources of the cosmos at its disposal ever lose or need anything with the entire cosmos at its disposal. As the master knows there is nothing outside of himself. The perceived outer being projection for the benefit of the mind (mind being a subcreation and not real).

  3. Perhaps that sphere of personality had lost it’s self-importance, and it’s self-reflection had been shattered – that could give the impression of being lost. I bet it is there, waiting for intent to descend upon it. It is even still possibly in a place of no-pity, and with no self-conflict in this sphere, no self-importance, and a shattered self-reflection.. you can now channel the spirit through this channel. I would attempt to see if you can do this. — Chameleon Directive

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