Parallel Perception Scholarship: I am Nicholas Too …


This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by Daniel. If you would like to vote for Daniel please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

Years ago a group of seekers gathered with a purpose to know themselves and a purpose of freedom. Each one brought their special gifts and knowledge.the intent of the group attracts a place of power in the nature and all that was necessary to practice.In the bookshelf had a book called Stalking parallel perception. I took it several time but I couldn’t read it I didn’t know why.then the book disappeared.

I lived years on this remote place as a keeper of group´s land, most of the time alone, and very powerful experiences of awakening happens to me,direct contact with the vast sea of energy and its cobalt blue spectrum and the sensation of been suspended into the void, being the void…

Traumatic events happened within the group causing separation.
I started to feel ill and sick on the land.

I move out of the land and traveled more than 1500km to the south of Brazil for a short period,while I was there the word Lujan was repeating in my mind,that was strange because I wasn’t seeking anything,for the contrary I was willing to comeback to “normal” state and distrusting everything in this so called reality.

I looked in the Parallel perception website and saw some confirmations some small details such blue spectrum and delta brainwaves caught my attention pointing that Lujan´s work was consistent and truthful, also the video with the movements I saw something mysterious happen with his hands that I could feel beyond the images.

I traveled more 200 km to pick up the book Stalking parallel perception that was in the hand of one of or group elders.

I started reading it!
It would make no sense if I read it years before!

Now I had the experience and the base to See and feel the concepts more than read it in an intellectual way.

Beyond the words and the apparent complexity was a simple heart oriented map of navigation. While reading it images of my past socialization were flooding out.

In the chapter of the Shadow mind was the mirror that I lived with 3 other friends in the land when the shadow entered and dissolved our relationship and our purpose of freedom.

This chapter brought answers to the confusion we lived for years.
I was Nicholas too at that moment…

Despite of having all that connection with the sea of energy and the void and mystical experiences,at the surface I was behaving in the first hieroglyph of haunted awareness and the question that arouse was to whom belongs those experiences.

Who am I?

The impact that this book is bringing to me is more clarity and humbleness in this moment of my life and a renewed sense of purpose that makes my heart pulsate and the cells vibrate…

Why I would like to learn?

Its more to unlearn, to heal, to be an empty cup and become a true human being at service of this tremendous force of the universe in a proper way and fulfill my destiny if that so…

Thank you


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  1. Good luck Daniel :)

  2. Good luck!

  3. Happy unfurling journey!
    Buena suerte Daniel.

  4. Your words touched my heart, thank you for sharing. Good flights Dani.

  5. All the best on your Path / Alles Gute für dich :)

  6. Beautiful. Good luck, Daniel.

  7. wishing you beauty on your path with heart

  8. Daniel! Reading what you wrote, remitted me to my own navigation, and depths of my journey!
    Thanks! Joy in your path! Good luck!

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