Parallel Perception Scholarship: Searching for a Spiritual Martial Arts Teacher


This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by Jitan Elis. If you would like to vote for Jitan please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

Having first come across Lujan’s website many years ago after googling for info on Carlos Castaneda I was surprised to find such a energetically strong group of people gathered online (on the forum that is on Lujan’s website).

I bought the only book that was out then by Lujan, The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception, and begun to digest what he had to share. I remember the first time reading the book, the information was so densely packed between the words that I could barely bring myself to read it, an underlying energetic pressure made it very challenging. It was a similar kind of pressure I had been feeling from the forum.

I have since understood that the pressure is the pressure of awareness, of the One Heart beckoning us to awaken into our true Power as co-Creators and responsible Human Beings.

The guidance and support I received online from Lujan and his students on the forum has been crucial for my spiritual path, I had never before felt such deep integrity, love and dedication to Truth.

This opportunity to (finally) meet Lujan and learn Dragon’s Tears is something I have looked forward to a long time, I don’t know if this is the right time but I do know that I am in a place in my life when everything has been pushed to the edge and I am facing deep personal transformation. Life has put me in a position where there is absolutely no room to make false moves attempting to further the shadow agenda.

To have the opportunity to meet Lujan, his students and learn Dragon’s Tears would hopefully help me strengthen the foundation I have been building the past 8 years which allows me to continually face the incredible complex challenges of life with the Deep Love that is needed to Heal our Planet, starting with myself.

I have been practicing Qi Gong for over 3 years almost daily and while I have received incredible benefit from this practice I have always felt a strong attraction to Dragon’s Tears. Even as Lujan has been expanding the programs that he offers this is the one I have been wanting to learn first. I feel as if my previous practice has been preparing me to be able to more deeply grasp and integrate the Dragon’s Tears when and if it will be time for me to learn it.

I have also for a long time been interested in martial arts but have never found a teacher or form that I felt fully integrated the spiritual aspects which always left me with a feeling that something fundamental was lacking. Learning Dragon’s Tears and meeting Lujan would possibly be a door into a new discipline of practice for me which feels both exciting and important.

Jitan Elis (formerly Dan on forums)


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  1. Good luck Dan! :) ♥

  2. Thank you <3

  3. Jitan has a big heart, dedication, sincerity and some special gifts, and I warmly wish Jitan to follow his hearts dreams and recieve the scolarship to learn Dragons tears…he´ll do great ! Much LOVE / B <3

  4. With all my heart and art I vote for you Jitan<3

  5. The energy work you did on me was very helpful, I look forward do see your spirit grow.
    Much love

  6. You’re gonna win! :D

  7. <3

  8. Hope the pressure continues to push you to where you need to be, Jitan.

  9. Jitan heals people around him, just by being. He is a deeply rooted spiritual master of the art of living, with profound healing abilities. Upon each encounter with him, I feel a deep shift within myself, having automatically moved from mind into spirit. That is how strong his spiritual energy is, and I couldn’t think of a more ‘natural’ candidate for this training.

  10. These movements are deeply, deeply beautiful gestures, Jitan. When one beckons transformation, so it comes. Good luck!

  11. Yes, they are beautiful!
    Good luck

  12. Jitan has an Amazing spirit and energy. I wish him the best in his spiritual path. One love <3

  13. Good luck you have my vote …

  14. Hey! A vote for Jitan.

  15. I had the fortune of spending this summer in Jitans company. And I would like to call him my friend after all the shared experience.

    What struck me most about Jitan was his maturity and calmness. And through that his integrity to not be swayed from his own authentic path. He follow his heart and internal compass with a focus matched by few I have encountered.

    We shared experiences and viewpoints throughout the summer but I must say I was the one learning the most from it.

    I can nothing but highly recommend Jitan for this. He has all the maturity and strength needed to immerse himself in these studies. He spoke about Lujan Matus and how he for along time has been drawn to the teachings offered by Parallel Perception. If he now feels himself ready to do this, then he really is.

    Expect nothing but a focused and dedicated student.

  16. My meetings with Jitan has been has been the most magical moments off my life. I know him as a creature, a very unique being who keeps on encouraging other people to be in there true essence of love. By doing nothing, he is doing everything just by existing. I see him as a friend that is speaking his truth very clearly, a person to trust, with a vibrating presens.

    He’s eyes is singing and his body is dancing even if he’s standing completely still. He is a unknown field to discover filled off surprises. I think he is a fallen star on this earth… shining, strange and awake. I hope that this star will have the chance to keep on diving in to his hearts longing, through Lujans teaching and through everything that crosses his journey. I hope that many more people will have the chance to meet Jitan and share the magical love that we are able to experiance in every meeting, in every moment. He is a manifestation of it. Let him always shine. Let us always love.

    From my heart/

  17. Thank you everyone for your support <3

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