Whisperings of the Dragon: Shamanic Techniques to Awaken Your Primal Personal Power


Foreword from “Whisperings of the Dragon: Shamanic Techniques to Awaken Your Primal Personal Power” by Lujan Matus.


This book will challenge you to release your social self in exchange for your most powerful primal self. The information within will test you specifically in the areas that are necessary to transcend in order to arrive at this mystical state of consciousness.

We are products of social programming – that stems from childhood – and inevitably manifests within those structured limitations as an irrational mind that has deemed itself logical. Within this book Lujan will show you that this apparent coherency is not as such. It is actually the bane of humanity.

The wisdom, skills, authentic self or ‘freedom’ we seek lies outside the boundaries of this social dilemma.

Einstein famously stated that a problem cannot be solved on the same level of consciousness that created it. We have habituated ourselves into this mind-set so completely that we accept its reach, abilities and methodology as all that is available to us.

Therefore we expect to gain esoteric knowledge, skills and the growth it brings in neat parcels of logic. We forget that it was this approach that created our limitations in the first place.

The techniques in this book will prompt you to go beyond your habituated mind-set to discover the wisdom that lies deep within. Within the whisperings of the dragon, entry points or gates can be located. They will be formless yet they will attain form through using the exercises within this extraordinary book.

This is an age-old journey and Lujan offers a practical path through the Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake. This path leads out of the limitations of reason and into a vaster, more fulfilling experience of self.

Read this text for guidance and apply the techniques again and again until you awaken to what was always there. Study this book until reading becomes a not-doing, until the silence speaks where your chattering mind once claimed false domain.

Your destination is a place with great depth that has always been there. You will learn to redirect your primal attention towards its origins, thus discovering the vastness that lies within that immensity, whether that be internally or externally bound.

Through the Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake – which is the art of Ting Jing – the practitioner will learn to observe what can’t be seen, obtain the feelings of that which cannot be touched and listen to what can’t be heard. These are the ancient Oriental gateless gates. They can only be seen after crossing those intangible thresholds.

This is the whispering of the dragon.

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