Parallel Perception Scholarship: My Encounter With the Nagual


This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by Aaron. If you would like to vote for Aaron please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

What I have learned from the works of Lujan Matus has had no small impact on my existence.
I was wondering through my circumstances disoriented and distracted kind of like how one finds their way though a dense fog.

By giving definition to the parameters that upheld and continues my personal manipulation it had helped me to better assess the machinations of the micromanagement of dependency and how it related to the cloak of the shadow that had been employed in my early childhood and upheld throughout my life. By seeing more clearly these things it has lended me an advantage of confidence to mount my reprisal to take back what is mine and spurned me the will to gather the responsibility to do so.

It’s insidious perpetuation interacting and complimenting the apparent contradictions and fallacies inherent in its participants. The time wasted I wish to reclaim in the distraction of my continuous dream hijacking that has impeded my development. Night after night for some odd years I break away only to be recaptured. The subduing of one’s energy has become very real for me though before I hadn’t the words for the description of these occurrences nor the ears to hear them or the mouth to speak them.

Dreaming through the other side where the heart becomes mind and the mind is no more that’s what’s on the other side of that door.

Qi tangibility was at one time an experiment and at the same time an investigation into a journey of discovering knowledge most pertinent of the self and one’s surroundings.

With an interest in martial arts through research I discovered the concept of qi and viewed diagrams from older texts that I did not comprehend. Given my assumption that qi had the possibility of not existing and I would never have access to proper guidance on the subject it became a reference more at the bottom of my priorities in the area of martial arts investigation.

As harder style concepts held more apparent benefit and were easier for me to grasp that became my focus. Contacting Lujan changed that entirely. Whether qi existed or not became a doubt forever dismissed after my encounter with the nagual.

Every journey begins with the first step, so they say.

The set of movements I learned gave rise to qi events. Having answered a most basic question of whether qi had existed or not lead me to movements that put that answer into motion though application. Now I was working with energy directly, interacting in the living moment of awareness the flux of which is constant and continual.

Many possibilities had I now begun to experience. From clearing blockages to self healing of the heart and mind. Clarity of vision and calmness through the settling of mind required for proper participation in the exercises. Every now and again a floating step glides effortlessly forward aided by my new friend as if carried by a cloud. Extremely exciting are how I found the discovery of these things.

Into Chinese medicine and its relations to qi channels and circulation are forefront of my attention when it comes to research and investigation into martial arts. Soft style theories of wu dang arts can be related to and has perked my interest in tai chi and the like. Connecting with the danteins, feeling the organs, and contemplating and experiencing the spiritual ramifications of internal energy practice.

A new horizon upon which to gaze. A reflection of a smile full of sunshine.

Possibly I will sit ta mar – ow and contemplate this. The order of the shadow has mistaken by forsaken the natural order of things.

You do know don’t you? Yes I do.

Quetzalcoatl cast the white mirror so humanity may be uplifted by their self reflection
Smoking mirror cast the black mirror so they would become lost in that self reflection

Let my shaman’s voice ring true
With the power to let me see
All I wish is to be free

It is my desire to continue this journey of qi exploration with the guidance of Lujan.


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  1. Though at times the path may feel like we are continuously having to recapture ourselves, every moment contains within it eternity. A universe in a raindrop or a Dragon’s Tear. Every gesture an invitation to fulfill a destiny. Good luck, Aaron.

  2. Good luck, Aaron

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