Parallel Perception Scholarship: Gestures of A Nagual


This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by Elizabeth Aires. If you would like to vote for Elizabeth please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

Who is Lujan Matus, what does he teach, and what have I learned from him?

In some ways these question are unanswerable. Lujan himself will tell you that he is no one. I believe that he believes he teaches that which cannot be taught. And what I have learned from the Nagual Lujan Matus is almost too personal to express. Nevertheless, it’s our destiny and our struggle as humans to strive to describe what is often the indescribable.

I like to think Spirit led me to Lujan’s teachings, though Lujan might say it was my personal power. I stumbled across his name, his books. Of the hundreds of books on similar topics, his leaped out at me. When I began reading Parallel Perception, Lujan’s voice rose from the pages. Though the narrative was difficult for me to internalize, I was continually drawn to the text. The more I read and reread, the more I found nuggets of wisdom, and like the story of Hansel and Gretel these nuggets were like precious crumbs on a trail that one could follow at least to the next bend, and then the next, and the next….

Shortly after ordering my second book, I enrolled in Lujan’s Online Shamanic Tutoring. From the first session, I felt warmth and affection flow beneath his guidance like a deep underground river. Lujan’s teachings are complex, yet practical and encompass this world and that other, the inner and outer, the objective and the subjective that coil together in an infinite, delicate dance.

So, as they say, the proof is in the pudding. Since my first readings and the shamanic tutoring sessions, I have felt my life shift in immeasurable ways. Through knowing Lujan, through his words, and perhaps more importantly through his silences, my life has been changed. These are deeply personal changes, subtle transformations that nonetheless bring very real concrete results in personal relationships and circumstances.

I will try to be more specific. My relationships with family and friends have deepened. I look into the eyes of strangers with a renewed sense of wonder. I’ve learned to talk less and listen more, to sense from the heart, and to seek others in their heart-space. I’ve learned that seeking validation is a fool’s journey, that ridding oneself of expectation brings power, and that that power has its own agenda apart from individual desires. I’ve learned that it is possible to listen to what you can’t hear and to feel what can’t be touched because I feel as if I’ve found my heart and through that, a pool of happiness that exists even in the valleys of my life.

Why do I want to study Spiral Energetics with Lujan? My first answer would be, why would I not? I’ve grasped the thread of his teachings, and now I follow that thread, winding and turning the gossamer string as I continue this journey to awareness that leads to becoming nobody so that I may, perhaps, become something else. And finally, I seek the energetic teachings Lujan passes on, in humble hope that my awakening awareness may in turn touch and have meaning for others.

I now see the spiral of nature everywhere—in the uncurling of a fern, in the water that runs from the spout, in the curve of a shell, in the wave that finds its way to the shore. Though I know little about Spiral Energetics, my natural human curiosity seeks knowledge, to know more, “to reach into complexity that is our desire for achievement,” as Lujan puts it. Within nature, within the body, within our own authenticity, we find truth, and, at the risk of sounding self-important, I search for nothing less.

This is what I have learned from Lujan: that it’s possible to live with integrity, that it’s possible to be grounded in the heart, that it’s possible to find a teacher of wisdom who lives what he teaches, who steps lightly and with a sense of humor, and who points the way with compassion and kindness. Thus, with a laugh and an imperceptible gesture, Lujan invites you to meet him at the crossroad, to join him on the journey, to follow, not his path, but your own, the one that winds and twists in unexpected ways, that leads to the heart, and that will always disappear around the next bend….

Elizabeth Aires


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  1. Your submission is so heartfelt, Elizabeth. It made me smile with joy. I hope your path takes you to the Dragon’s Tears and meeting the Nagual Lujan one way or another. Good luck!

  2. Good luck :)
    May your path bring you joy and wisdom with every bend.

  3. Elizabeth, you go, girl!

  4. Beautiful! Hope you make it to Eckernförde! Good luck!

  5. I smiled too, most of what you wrote is what I would say as well – unanswerable, indescribable, too personal, drawn to it, shifted to talk less and listen more …

    Good luck!

  6. Asking one to explain the unexplainable… unfair, or just a test in the face of impossible odds? warrior stuff… All the best on your path to yourself.

    • Thank you to those who commented on my essay. I’m humbled and honored.
      Will I see any of you in Eckenford?

      Best wishes to you all.

  7. Congratulations. This is a very heart-felt and worthy essay. I hope your meeting with Lujan will unfold many more awakenings.

  8. Congratulations with the scholarship!

  9. Well done.May spirit guide your journey with heart

  10. Smiling :-) Congratulations!

  11. Congratulations my dear sweet soul sister!!! I am truly touched by your essay and your brave heart as you continue to traverse the caverns of your soul with such courage and clarity. Seeing a most magical and mystical experience for you my friend…may love guide you on your journey to Germany and more! love you…Janice Devine-Patterson;)

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