Human Interconnectivity: The Shaman’s Perspective


Hi Lujan, Thankful as always for your words of wisdom on the forum,. I want to ask you one question.

When you told Juan Matus you don’t know him and that you know yourself and he replied that by knowing yourself you know him, is this true just because you and Juan Matus were close and connected, or is this true between human beings in general?

I ask this because sometimes I feel like an alien that has come to this planet and I have to investigate its inhabitants, the human species, or read real life stories about people, otherwise I feel I don’t know anything about them.

It is like seeing everyday a scene and then finding out that people actually are doing something very different from what they were presenting. And that something very essential about people, ones I have been so close with, has eluded me until it was revealed. Thank you.


When you realize emptiness is within form and form is within emptiness you discover yourself in others and others discover themselves within you.

Life is a journey of awakening. We never arrive upon what we expect. We always receive the unexpected.

This is in blatant contradiction to the principal of stalking that Carlos Castaneda taught. There is nothing to be controlled. The mere observance of the subjective field changes in comparison to the observer.

How can you bend this to your will when you realize that the inconceivable changes upon the softest glance towards it?

Remember to watch the world softly, looking to the wonders of that which are continually escaping you.

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  1. Very enriching question and answer. Thank you.

  2. when constraints are insurmountable
    I will follow my heart

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