Parallel Perception Scholarship: The Simplest Thing


This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by Prashant Roy. If you would like to vote for Prashant please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

Sometime in early 2012, I went through an awakening, a profound sense of clarity. I felt at one with all that is, I felt infinite. All questions and sufferings ceased to exist. No fear, no attachment, no illusions, in that moment, I did not exist. It was all very clear. And it is the simplest thing.

So now, what to do? I asked myself.

I knew that I had to break my conditioning, but instead I participated in what I call the imagined existence or the program or being on auto pilot. After many moments, yoga helped me back. The most wonderful experience of centering, balance and sensing of my true self. A great tool and a way within the way. A gentle something to bring me back to the so called Tao.

But I need to evolve.

To communicate in ways unknown. To see in ways unknown.

To feel in ways unknown.

To hear in ways unknown.

To perceive in ways unknown.

Readings of the Tao de Ching resonated within me, made me feel balanced and glad. But there was a lack of an active/physical/energetic path towards where I wanted to go, within. Was my kundalini energy having a hard time? There had to be a way to awaken the so called third eye. And moving and being in ways not yet known. At this point of time I was floundering in an imagined reality and in my awakened state of being.

I came across Lujan Matus speaking in a documentary (at the time I was looking for people to help guide me). I connected with what he said. I went online and looked at his website. As I had suspected, there was much I did not know and much learning/understanding to take place.

Lujan’s book, discovering the essence of recapitulation, is dense with information. Information that resonates with the way I feel and very tangible in relation to my new found way of seeing.

I do not know as yet if the following are light filaments but sometime back I saw in my mind’s eye clusters of light waves or lines. A section of a line glowed a thought or an emotion. Perhaps it was one line in a paragraph of consciousness. Which is saying that at a singular point within the now, one thought before any counter or supportive thought is part of a fiber of light, with hundreds and hundreds of wave clusters.

In a meditative state I am able to be at one, once out of meditation, I am constantly trying to bring my being back to the balance.

The mirror teaching – breaking the constant need to self reflect and validate. Giving one’s whole heart with this awareness. This tool to break my conditioning is very effective. To see with the heart.
Sometimes I have to remind myself of the dragon breath to keep myself sane. Such a simple but effective technique to centre oneself and not get lost in a very real illusion.

From what I’ve read on Lujan’s website, Spiral Energetics actively engages the etheric energy field and kinesthetic awareness. After learning the ways and drawing energy from Shamanic practitioners, an Osho Swami, Yoginis and the likes. Going forward, I feel that Lujan’s techniques will be the way to expand and evolve.

I continuously travel within and each day is consumed with my self-made inner work. Each day can be a struggle. A battle for freedom from myself. Why continue in this way? If one is aware, there is no other way to continue. One can only hope to learn the ways to be strong enough for one’s own evolution.

I know nothing. Love and Light.

Prashant Roy

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  1. I wish you find your path to personal growth

  2. Thankyou Ahilii.

    I wish you the same.

    Love n Light.

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