Parallel Perception Scholarship: An Awakening


This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by Dustin. If you would like to vote for Dustin please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

I have fond memories of being a toddler and running wildly around the yard stark naked while swinging a garden hose in the air. Wave patterns of water performed acrobatic miracles through the azure sky as the suns golden rays stretched down from the heavens to kiss my body. The grass tickled my feet and the cool breeze caused rippling sensations as it met with the liquid on my skin. With a bridge of freckles across my nose and a head full of flaming hair I ritualistically danced in circles belting out the calls of a warrior. I was forever lost in the present moment and completely free of any intrusion trying to make its way in. Disruption was not an option at this stage of my being, for I was fully awake and nothing else mattered.

Over time my sunny days became clouded as the magic of blissfulness was lost to bleak realities and broken hearts. My buoyant child desperately grasped to hold on, but innocence slipped away and was swiftly overtaken by something insidious. I had fallen prey to a new scheme, a system of fabricated independence, dictated with rules that propagated the need for mere survival by making its victims both prisoner and prison guard. The social world invaded my being and consumed almost every part of me as I fell asleep without any awareness or say in the matter. I became an obedient marionette swaying to a symphony of indulgence, orchestrated by a manipulator bent on the exploitation of the masses. Waves upon waves of egocentrism and narcissism saturated my shore, forcing my essence to retreat to nooks and crannies where it simply watched the flood unfold. For years it quietly witnessed as the nightmare of this artificial reality jerked its unbeknownst host from one place to the other and from one thought to another. Any transmission from the void to convey a knowing was abruptly silenced or snubbed altogether. Patiently my spirit waited for the inevitable end to come and reveal through death the sum of my doings, until one day a gentle sound caught its attention, a whispering from the Nagual, “Wake up.”

Like a beacon of truth shone upon a tattered vessel waylaid by swells of shadow agenda within societal surge, the Nagual Lujan beckons us. Through his nudge, the void triggers an awakening of the universal vibration deep within. He emits a spark while the lessons fuel and the movements fan the fire within, reuniting people with that eternal flame they were coupled with at birth. No longer do words fall upon deaf ears, but rather knowing resonates with heart consciousness. It is rare in this world to behold such scrupulous transparency, therefore the practices and the writings have become invaluable. Through the heart of another, my heart has once again become the central hub where the mind no longer interferes.

Learning to silence the social intrusion provides clarity in every instance that presents itself. Observing the influence of the drama before me, allows me the ability to withdraw and avoid any traps set to ensnare me. Through anchoring the eyes and redirecting the ears I am able to establish heart perspective, providing me with pristine sight to witness that which hinders my seeing, rather than interfere with it. Put another way, not doing is being. It is through observation that the outcome changes, meaning that absolutely no intrusion on our part is required.

Superficial individuality has been exchanged for universal wholeness of being, whereas I find nothing unique in my conditioning compared to others. Any perceived problems that I have personalized are in reality common place happenings of all humanity and are in turn a global epidemic. In other words, I am the world and the world is me. The majesty of a mountain can be a humbling experience, but it is the fortitude of many polished stones that make up its splendor.

The fight for one’s freedom is attained through an impeccable approach in life, meaning radical honesty and unbending integrity. I have no other option than to proceed with what has always lay before me and I awake to this realization in each escaping moment. I must empty myself to become a conduit for infinite wisdom in order to continue the legacy of multi-dimensional awareness. The pond of life reflects our doings throughout the sands of time, but only as hollow shells can we echo the ocean of eternity.

Once the shroud of illusion is lifted, we must choose between two journeys. One path will guide the pupil through their finest battle while the other will haunt them for the rest of their life. Slipping back into the dream is not an option; therefore a warrior’s resolve is the only possible course for me.

With love,



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  1. May your days be Sunny again Dustin.

    • Thank you Maria… the sun is always shining :-)

  2. Kalimera Lujan Matus …….

    I discovered your site “coindidentely” , when i looked on the german site. i visited this website sometimes but i never discovered a link to yours before

    I have to say that for people which sre not familiar with the english language is not so easy to have access to this knowledge in general

    Cause of i m translating greek scripts into the german language- withou tpayment , i know what influence can have a single word for the entire sense of a phrase.

    i watched yesterday the video cosmic gigle and i want to suggest to bring english subtittles in it so somebody like me can avoid surely misunderstandngs. Although i didnt understand all the details , congratulations for this powerfull work.

    i think that many people will be thankful to read all that in german. Me for sure………

    one of your books is now on my focus but the movements i saw on you tube is something extraodinary so that only watching them gave my body

    something ….. that went very deep.

    I m thankfull discoverng your site


  3. I resonate with your story Dustin, so you have my vote.
    Wish u all the best on your journey.

    (@Dimitrios… i think you posted your thoughts on the wrong page)

    • Thank you Vagelis… I hope that your path fulfills you in every way possible.

  4. very beatiful way to express it Dustin , I enjoyed your account, and good luck

  5. Thank you for your kind words Ahilii :-)

  6. May your longing lead you to find what you need, Dustin.

  7. Very well said Dustin. Glad to know that you are awake.

  8. Your writing inspires me to see with unclouded eyes and recognize the veils we live behind. To see and be and know with clarity. Your words are beautiful to behold. Tigress

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