Parallel Perception Scholarship: Enhancing Personal Power with Shamanic Movement


This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by Tracy lee McClymont. If you would like to vote for Tracy please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

My name is Tracy lee McClymont, I was born in Mullumbimby NSW Australia. 4th born of 5 children to loving parents.

I am a single mother of two amazing souls, Zen and Jasmin.

I had the honor & pleasure of meeting Lujan Matus in 2005/06. He walked into my shop, The Laughing Buddha, this is how his book, The Art Of Stalking Parallel Perception came into and impacted my life.

Lujan Matus has an energy that is larger than life, it radiates from his every cell.

I was intrigued & Curious of this man, who was he? I knew I must read his book. The Art of stalking Parallel Perception.

I made this book a journey, sometimes pausing for up to a week just to digest and wonder at each page or even a sentence. It literally blew my mind wide open.

This wasn’t your average spiritual read, more like a mystical journey, which took you on a ride through the dimensions of the universe & beyond. Along the way there are teachings, tools and techniques you can use to breakthrough the limitations of oneself.

This is where my life changed!!

I always knew there was more, but this book took me back to my birth, it was a new beginning. I was being deprogrammed.

I was able to wake up and believe there was a parallel dimension, the waking and the dreaming, they were just as real as one another. I trusted more into the unknown or what I used to think was the unknown. I felt I was integrating knowledge and skills to navigate my way through life.

I was no longer just Tracy lee the single mum who lived in a small country town. I had no labels any more. My life since has been magically transformed, I believe my imagination, dreaming, energy and touch are gifts to explore and share.

I trust and know there are always more doorways to enlightened awareness and awakened consciousness, life is a bountiful gift that keeps on giving.

I have learned that anything is possible. For 7 years now I have often thought about the larger than life, amazing man, I was so grateful to meet.

I have sold my shop, and moved on with the courage to trust and believe that I would be supported by the endless infinite supply of abundance from the universe.

I am now an energy healer and body worker in service to help others find their way to peace and harmony, love and good health. To also help them through their transformation to evolve to their divine purpose.

I was so excited to find Lujan on the internet through a mutual friend. The timing was profound.

My waking dream now is to learn shamanic movement with Lujan. I would love to enhance my personal power.

I’m hungry to attain more spiritual growth in the areas of my mind, body, heart and soul.

I feel I need help to evolve further; my heart wants to go deeper, so I can continue to live a healthy balanced life.

Reaching out for a teacher at this time in my life feels right, I have never felt the truth and integrity of another like I feel for Lujan”s teachings.

It would be an honor and the greatest gift to be a student of this master.

I know I need to receive more so I can continue to give. This Shamanic movement course would be a blessing to help stay in my heart and keep my energy centers clear and functioning to their full potential.

Blessings & Thank you

Tracy Lee





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  1. May your dream come true… x

  2. Dear Tracy,

    Fellow Maltese falcon, follow your dreams
    All the way to reach your highest plain.

    I fully support you in every aspect in your quest to
    further engage with Lujan, your master to become a shaman.

    Keep me posted babe, kindest Louise

  3. Well done Tracey, I can relate to what you have written. Good Luck. Josh

  4. Truly inspiring stuff Tracy. It is revolutionary and wish you all the luck in pursuing your worthy cause.

  5. Tracy Lee is the real deal, I can honestly say, she has gifted me the ability to experience true love and happiness. Her honesty in this submission is testament to her spirituality, the purity of her soul and her genuine love of learning, teaching and giving to others.
    I have witnessed the positive effects she has on everybody she meets, and I’ve no doubt she would bring an immense passion and experience to all who attend this workshop.
    An incredible woman and mother.
    I can think of no one more deserving for this scholarship.
    God bless and good luck Tracy lee.

  6. I honestly can’t think of anyone that deserves this more than you!

    Love your number one fan xx

  7. Yay go Trace!

  8. I am inspired to read Tracy’s application. I can wholeheartedly see this work resonating with Tracy to further her in giving her healing gift to all the people she encounters… I have know Tracy for 32 years, not only a dear & loyal friend, a loving mother, but a truly inspiring, uplifting, positive, focused, devoted, beautiful, spiritual & compassionate soul.
    Being around Tracy is a constant reminder to live in my full power & potential..
    All the best wishes & infinite love…. x

  9. You deserve this!! Xoxox

  10. No one is more deserving than you!! May your wildest dreams come true! Xx

  11. Love you aunty T! good luck xxxxxxxxxx

  12. Tracy, you are a Golden Light of Truth, Passion and Love. I wish you all the love and luck in the world for continuing your journey of Enlightenment! Peace, Love and Light x

  13. Great to read your story. Good Luck. Hope you’ll learn shamanic movements from Lujan. They are really amazing

  14. It’s hard not to notice how alive and in the moment Tracy Lee is. Every encounter I have with her leaves me feeling better, and I know I’m not alone with these feelings.

  15. Kindered spirits are a wonder to behold. Tracy your authentic grounding, attuned abilities are the work of much self reflection & your divine practice. You would be an asset to this program, it would be an honour for them to align & an opportunity for our community to expand & share your practice & wisdom.
    May you succeed xx Brooke

  16. Wishing you blessings in your continued journey of spirit Tracy.. You are an amazing healer, you deserve this journey, for all you touch are blessed… Much love.. Karen :)

  17. If I was involved in the selection process for this scholarship I would want to make sure I was choosing someone who was passionate in their pursuits, someone who would embrace teachings and not just give back to the community but fully emerse themselves in their role as not just a passing idea but a lifelong pursuit. This is the person I know Tracy to be and I couldn’t think of anyone who more genuinely seeks to better themselves in her quest to enrich the lives of others.

  18. Happy synchronisities.

  19. Dear Tracy, you inspire me so much. You make this world a brighter, more beautiful place in sharing your amazing powerful Medicine in such a generous way. I am so blessed to have you in my Life. I wish so much that this dream of this scholarship becomes true for you. I love you so much. Thank you for all you are and all you bring to this beautiful world. Thank you

  20. I vote for you Tracy good luck

  21. Wow, what a beautiful and inspiring application, I have seen with my own eyes the way Tracy has transformed herself and her life, but I didn’t know who or what was behind the change, I think Tracy is a really beautiful and pure soul, just waiting for the next door to open to take her further along her spiritual path.

    Good luck Tracy, I feel honored to have this chance to vote for you.

  22. Tracy would be the perfect person to do this training, she truly embodies the work of spriitual healing and has boundless gifts and abilities. I cannot recommend her highly enough

  23. Tracy is my soul sister and a truly shining star amongst everyone around her. I don’t know anyone more worthy than her for this opportunity, and I have no doubts or reservations that she would go into this with the most amazing of open hearts and minds. I truly hope this application is granted, and that Tracy is able to learn more about her own powers and those of the people around her. I whole heartedly support her in this journey!

  24. big blessings and love to you tracy! your radiance and big heart is wonderful, thankyou for sharing ∞ 

  25. Tracy is a true healer and awakened soul and I feel blessed to have her in my life !
    I’m wishing Tracy all the best in making this dream a reality ! xo

  26. Good luck you deserve it Tracey :) x

  27. Good Luck Tracey…I hope you get to be with this Mentor to fulfill your dreams & continue spiritual work :)the world needs more people in touch with human vibrations.

  28. They will recognise you as the deserving soul for this scholarship Tracey. It is written in the messages of support. Enjoy! You deserve it and we reap the benefits!

  29. beautiful x

  30. good luck Tracey ….hope it brings what you want

  31. May your dream come true with this one.x

  32. Good luck Tracey, hope it all goes well for you.

  33. Hope you succeed in this dreaming Tracy :) I also loved that book

  34. You deserve this my beautiful, loving Aunty. I wish you nothing but happiness and success in the paths you follow. xx

  35. Tracy i dont actually know you but i wish you best of luck. Mullumbimby geographically is a small country town but it is a hub of many magical happenings and multitude of people from all over the planet living there and passing by visiting exchanging knowledge and love in many forms…. just as you met Lujan Matus. i dont know of him either but for the teachings that are, as said, free of simply repetitive ritual and mindless dogma, then thats a greatest way to go!! quantum science in real life! good luck petal ! alice x

  36. Hello Tracey, I found this site after actively looking for you again. You are a great healer how helped me overcome a great karmic difficulty that had caused me anguish for many years. I use my power to send you love hoping it will help this become your reality Sister.

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