Parallel Perception Scholarship: Searching for the Magical Bee


This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by Martin vanZyl. If you would like to vote for Martin  please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

I am a searcher. In my childhood I was always looking for that one magical bee, from the hives at the bottom of the garden.I would invariably find this bee,or perhaps it found me,once I had stopped looking for it. The funny thing is that on reflection, at a later date, I realized that all the bees that I met were magical.

In adulthood,this process has continued with me finding magical things and them finding me. Today we are guided by the Tribal Power of Heart (Ancient Mayan Calender) and I feel a strong connection to this energy, as I write this. I had a Patient/Searcher/fellow dreamer come in this morning , whose heart was blocked on different levels. She was able to access her inner heart dragon,whilst I was able to observe what I had interfered with.

Years ago I got The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception, read it, re-read it, and used it to dream into the Hieroglyphs, which I now use in my clinic on a daily basis ,so that what is forgotten,can be re-clammed, namely the power that is intrinsic to our nature as humans It has also helped me with dreaming into previously shut off arenas of experience.

I am aware that I am multi-dimensional in nature, which means that, when I am in nature , I find it much easier to be natural. What I struggle with is bringing this energetic through into my everyday world. This is where Spiral Energetics and the Dragon’s Tears will be so useful. Friends and colleagues have done the Dragon’s Tears workshop, and I have seen the way it has changed them. I have also been training for a long-time in different forms of Martial Arts, which helps bring me forward into this arena.

My good friend and fellow searcher Bill, whom is one of the above, sent me a copy of Shadows in the Twilight. I was hugely impacted by this book, particularly by the teachings on our double.

I realize that I have to gain enough energy to manifest this, my strongest ally into my life. This is something that I am dedicated to, as an act of responsibility to my soul which yearns for the freedom of a life lived in the ecstasy of intimacy, on a level which brings through my heart energy, with deeply felt compassion which is then expressed. I do wish all the other applicants the very best of luck with this scholarship.

Martin vanZyl


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  1. Good Luck Martin.
    All the best on your magic path with Heart.

  2. Dream up some magic, Martin. It’s always in our daily life.

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