Parallel Perception Scholarship: To ride a wave of purpose, touching upon heaven


This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by Arvid Salemark. If you would like to vote for Arvid  please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

I believe that the things Lujan Matus talks about in his books are the most crucial subjects for mankind today. I can only say that I have never felt such deep recognition regarding my own experiences of the direct contact with the demonic aspects of the shadow and also of dealing with the shadow through people, as well as with the chaos in my own head.

Reading the books I realized that I already knew many of these things, but that it always had been impossible to do anything about it, even though I many times confronted and tried to talk openly with others about it. The deeper realizations about the shadow brought up many feelings.

It brought up sadness and desperation in me, not for my sake as much as for my beloved mother, father, sister, brother and friends. It was for the horrendous situation for mankind. It was the same feelings as I had after experiencing falling out of a hole in the wall of a dark and noisy, endless spinning tunnel of gigantic proportions, populated by countless souls screaming in agony, trapped in slots in the walls of the tunnel. My strong feeling was that that was a real place where a part of us all resided. Witch ever real or not, the experience shook the foundations of my world.

The pain did not however compare to my feelings of hope and joy. The message put forth by Lujan was giving a detailed clear view of the human nature and condition, of either hurting or nurturing the heart, which made it impossible not to try to act. I became more alert to my thoughts and feelings, my dreams became more vivid and I entered into celibacy, something that I have tried to accomplish for a long time and that made a lot of things happen for me.

I am a born anarchist, never political, just ethical. I am a natural magician and a shaman apprentice and I am an artist and a woodworker. But most of all my heart burns for the freedom of mankind, that is the purpose of my life. That freedom fight that I always dreamed of and in a way always have been travelling towards is exactly the one Lujan Matus is describing.

I am ready and willing to give up my personal attachments for transparency. I am ready to be sincere in my shortcomings as well as in my successes. I have learned that the key to enduring hardships is through practicing acts of faith, putting my will and my life in the hands of the spirit of eternity.

Although I have always learned from many paths, I have never been able to blindly follow a group or leader. This path however, I believe relies on personal responsibility and freedom of choice and I would gladly take part and share with vulnerable human curiosity and joy.

Sincerely and Gratefully/
Arvid Salemark (EagleTreeSacredGround)


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  1. Many blessings and good luck Arvid.

  2. “made it impossible not to try to act”… you are very sincere, I wish you good luck

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