Parallel Perception Scholarship: Letting Go

martial-arts-meditation-ChineseThis application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by Thomas Portier. If you would like to vote for Thomas  please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

I have been fortunate enough, to have received the teachings and training from Lujan Matus once before in 2007. And like others have described on several occasions, I was trying to get away from him after only five minutes, because I couldn’t stand being confronted with my bare self that was brought about through Lujan’s gaze. And what Lujan then said has always stuck with me:

“How well you’re able to let go, will decide how much you’ll learn these two weeks.”

I have been letting go ever since, hoping I’d be able to go back one day, for I know I missed a lot of his teachings.

Here a short recount what insights Lujan’s teachings have brought me thus far.

His first advise to me was to meditate. Meditation in general has thought me that there are 3 kinds of attention; before I started training my focus, my mind continuously wandered all over the place. While eating or driving I would think about whatever, or would be doing other things at the same time. And the more my attention was divided, the easier stressed I got. With this kind of attention things seem to happen to us and we react afterward. Meditation is such a good way to learn because we are doing nothing.

Everybody knows that it is quite easy to focus when in an environment that forces us to do so like driving in rush hour, but when we come in a quiet restful place, for example when we go to bed, our mind is all over the place. And as we sit down to meditate we have the opportunity to let the mind become aware of what the body is doing, which is breathing, and thus let mind and body become one. While training this, we will eat when we eat and drive when we drive. We will react appropriately at the same time things are happening.

And finally after having trained our focus for so long it has become natural to us, we will have attained a spontaneous heightened awareness and we will be able to react before things actually happen. It is because we no longer see and hear the world through our repetitive thoughts but we feel-see and feel-hear the world around us through inner silence and is met by our emptiness.

Your organ systems are where your feelings reside and so to feel appropriately your body must be in optimal health. And this is where Lujan’s training, Awakening the Energy Body, comes in. It keeps the body healthy and strong. It also clears the body from energies that have gotten into the body that don’t belong there. And it prepares the body for looking through dimensions; every dimension has it’s own frequency, from low to high.

And like your heart when you first start training, it can’t stand a high frequency and you’ll run out of breath. But after a while it can stand a high frequency and you’ll be stronger not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. This is what meditation does as well, by the way.

To be able to have a parallel perception through dimensions, you’ll need a strong body and a keen focus, or heightened awareness. Also you’ll need to be detached and where the Awakening the Energy Body clears your personal history the Dragon’s Tears will totally set you free and connect your heart with your surroundings.

My background is Chinese martial arts and to me this is it’s essence. Though I myself am still far from this and haven’t been able to go back to Lujan yet, it has become my way of living and going back to learn more is something my intent has been set on.

Warm regards,

Thomas Portier.
The Netherlands.

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  1. A vote for you. You feel very kind at heart. I liked to read your essay.

  2. Thank you for writing this lucid and clear essay. To read it was a reminder to simplify and focus my life, like you said, “to eat when we eat.” I vote for you.

  3. Good luck, Thomas.

  4. Good luck!

  5. Very nice essay… i liked the way you express it. I vote for you too. Thanks, and good luck.

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