Parallel Perception Scholarship: Arriving in Silence


This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by Katarina. If you would like to vote for Katarina  please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

I had the opportunity to read Lujan’s first two books through a man that I had a stormy relationship with on and of for a couple of years. I thank him for introducing me to Lujan.

I have now read all Lujan’s books and they make a profound impact on me. His words seem to deepen everything I have experienced so far. His way of explaining hits the core of me and I feel energized and very alive. One chapter particularly in ”stalking parallel perception” about Nicholas, was again a wake up call for me, as I had been living in very destructive relationships similar to the woman in this story. Giving my power away.

As a child I spent much time in the ”twilight zone” in between worlds. Seeing energy and other beings and being much afraid. Still I struggle to open up fully, welcoming spirit to aid me in this world.

From my education as an artist, I learned to love pictures. I worked for 13 years in school talking about and viewing pictures with many students. Pictures have a fast energy, going deep. I guess this is my learning in this life, being fast, having fast thoughts and take action.

In one of Lujan’s books there is a picture of a circle, the human beings luminous egg cocoon. As kids, Lujan says, we mostly stretch out to touch the edges of our circle, fully living and experiencing our lives. When we grow older, there is a tendency to make this movement smaller, us smaller.

Through our Intent we make our circle strong and energized, to stand strong against the ”rolling death”, which is a force equally strong as life. Our intent makes destructive energy roll like a wave over our circle. What a beautiful picture.

When our intent is off we loose energy, become sick and get hit harder – aging.
Today I run a Yoga studio and work as an Ayurvedic Health counselor and Kundalini yoga teacher (also for children). I work and help people with my knowledge gained so far.

I’ve always had a strong pull to stretch out fully in life and I think working with art saved me, in the way I learned how to be fully present in the moment – experiencing expansion from within and out. Loosing track of space & time.

Physical training has always been very important to me as a mean to be present in the body as well. Ive moved with what has inspired me. Since I was 12.

When I started my Shamanic journey in 1990, I slowly changed my way of training, understanding that Martial Art is a powerful tool to develop. For 6 years I’ve practiced Aikido and benefited much from it. In 2012 I had the possibility to meet with Lujan in Palenque learning Dragon’s Tears.

Meeting Lujan opened my heart. His way of speaking and making everything seen is a relief for the heart. I have never experienced anything like it. Arriving in silence.

When I turned 50, I decided I wanted to learn more from Lujan so I signed up for three skype meetings this fall, learning the ”Eight Gates Technique”.  Arriving, still arriving more and more to inner silence.

Being a single mother of three kids takes some planning, time, intend, determination, discipline an money to pull through extra adventures. My kids benefit much from my own awakening though and lately I have brought my youngest son with me to courses. My son Joshua and my daughter Niki was around in Palenque as well.

I do ”the great work” to become a better balanced human being on this earth. I have dedicated my life to change what I can, to develop awareness around me.
I look forward to work more with the Nagual Lujan.

With Power & Beauty
Katarina Flowering Wind


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  1. Good luck!

  2. I liked this very much. Good luck Katrina.

  3. You are a wonderful person and well deserving of this scolarship. I am sure you would use it to better yourself, life, and others

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