The Way of A Warrior

Whisperings of Intuition

From time to time, there is a fleeting phenomenon that occurs for all of us. It is an instantaneous flash of awareness accompanied by a whispering echoed from our depths, which causes us to break away from what we are doing in the moment. It can be likened to an intuition or perhaps, a slight awakening to a situation that is taking place before us.

This deep resound that travels from within relays a message and imparts to us a profound knowing. For those of us who yearn for understanding, we begin to search for an answer and for something more than just a glimpse into this forgotten realm of the heart.

Learning Authentic Shamanism

Lujan Matus sees and he transmits to us what will wake us. For those who dare to listen, dimensions upon dimensions of possibilities will be accessed. His presence, even from 8000 miles away via online shamanic guidance, can stir up deep layers of sediment from the depths of the student. His seeing catches every inflection in the voice and every variance within the breath, revealing truths and allowing him to know beyond words what we are saying.

When in the presence of Lujan, the student is made aware of a cloak that has been placed upon humanity. We learn that this cloak yields threads that hook us within the social dramatization of emotional justification.

These subtle and not so subtle nuances of communication convey everything and this is how we reveal our true intentions. Lujan’s ability to slice through the thick layers of socialized programming reveals the crux of our dilemma and by relaying this knowing he teaches us to heal ourselves.

The Responsibility of a Warrior

When we commit to train with Lujan we are in essence signing a contract with ourselves and it is of vital importance that we have a clear understanding of what this agreement states. By making this decision we are choosing to walk the path of a warrior and therefore we must accept the role of a warrior.

The way we can accept this responsibility is by not standing in our own way when receiving the lessons. We soon learn through Lujan’s guidance that it is what we need that holds value and not what we want. If we can receive the lessons without preconceived expectations or preset guidelines, then we will be shown the way to emptiness.

When we access our inner silence we become one with the universe, upon which hidden truths are told through us. So how does one do this?

A Path With Heart

I will say this much from my own personal experience. Through the love and compassion of another’s heart, I have been shown the way to vanquish that which acts as a barrier to my heart’s clarity. In this way, the path of heart is made known as one forgets one’s self and places all that is unnecessary aside.

The ability to do this is within every single one of us and can be known by all if we are willing to stop and listen. In other words, we must seize ourselves within every escaping moment, making ourselves available to that which presents itself to us.

This is the way of a warrior and through Lujan’s guidance, it is revealed, leaving only a stillness within that imbues the warrior with a profound silence and a pure sense of wonder for all that is.

With love,

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  1. thank you

  2. Thank you Dustin.
    What an elucidation! You have said so much through so few words and it has stirred up within me what I needed to be reminded of.

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