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I just have to write to you some of my latest experience after months of daily practice of Dragon’s Tears.

As you have stated before there will be an increase in the frequency of certain sensorial experience such as electromagnetic sensation around my fingers and sometimes coursing through my body from the feet up to my face. What I am realizing is that I am experiencing my chi probably from having increased awareness through the practice of Dragon’s Tears. Is this what it is ?

Lately, I had the idea of using such awareness and see if I could direct it to affect certain tasks. To my surprise, my chi is able to follow intent. As you know I practice acupuncture and My fingers help me find imbalance in the body. When I am with a patient, my fingers are more sensitive in giving me information of what is going on with them more so than when I use my clinical observation using eyes and ears alone. I am surprised at how accurate my fingers can be minus the thinking.

Another experience is when I have to exert a physical effort which I know is sometimes beyond what I think am capable of doing for someone my age. I will try to do the task by using sheer physical exertion. When I know I can not do it this way, then I feel for that sensation of chi from my feet at Kidney 1 and wait for it to go up the channels to my hands. When I feel that the chi has arrived and is full in my hands then I activate my muscles to do the task. I surprise myself when I achieve the task. :)

This latest experience with the practice of Dragon’s Tears coupled with  some of my past martial arts and tai chi routine has helped me immensely in my day to day activities with grace and harmony.

These days, after reading and rereading your books (Whisperings of the Dragon and Awakening the Third Eye), I feel the need to know how to use my eyes away from the social milieu and discover its true potential by learning to gaze. As your student, am I ready to do this?



Yes, Dragon’s Tears will increase your sensitivity to your living environment. It is not unlike becoming as sensitive as living flora. Plants are immoveable, yet respond to everything and absorb the living essence of the universe by virtue of the fact of being open to it as you are becoming.

This is very normal to become increasingly aware of your patient’s imbalances.

I had a friend deliver me a kettle this morning. We are doing a workshop at the moment. The doors are locked. No one can enter. Just as your chi is functioning, so does mine. As soon as she arrived, I walked to the door, as she went to try to enter.

From near and far we feel. It is waking up these latent sensitivities that is the issue in our time and age of global desensitization towards these factors.

It is natural for a practitioner of Lo Ban Pai to become more physically powerful. Chi will course and flow toward the direction that necessitates the power in your body to respond appropriately. As strong as an oak tree, yet as flexible as bamboo.

Of course you are ready to gaze. It is a natural inherent mechanism of our whole body to gaze. Once again we are more akin to the forest and the fauna and flora that abide there-within.

As humans we are the caretakers of this planet and by virtue of this when we are in harmony with our world, we are more sensitive and are forewarned and are extremely aware because of our responsibility toward our processes as very powerful co-creators.

This also applies to our inter-dimensional capacity.

To be interconnected on such a deep level of creation that we ride upon – the most sublime unknown factor – the universal void that is omnipresent within and without all circumstances; within all inter-dimensional interplays that may not seem to be consciously available in terms of rationale.

Even if we are not 100 percent aware of every aspect of this responsibility, the one single point that needs to be seen will become available to be reviewed so that our moment to moment reality that is continually escaping us upon its arrival can be succinctly acted upon humbly so that we may journey our true life path as individuals within our collective destiny.

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  1. Thank you for such a deep and profound response to my queries. Your words triggered more insights and indirectly answered some unasked questions into some of my past experiences.

    When you mentioned how we are “akin to the forest and the fauna and flora that abide there- within” I had a flash of memory.

    I was taken back to the time when I sat in the hollow of a thousand year-old tree named The Elder in a British countryside. I not only felt its profound silence but also gave me a sensation that by passed me when I was physically within it.

    This time, I felt its presence in a state of waiting… Waiting for someone like me who connects to it to awaken. How strange to feel the The Elder again despite the distance of time and space! It’s another one of those déjà vu moments. The experience brought tears to my eyes.

    There are also an increasing instances of synchronicity happening to me with those I encounter in my day to day activities. I can see now what you mean when you mentioned our inter dimensional capacity and our inter connectedness.

    Somehow, I am beginning to understand deeply our responsibility towards creation. Thank you for the insights.


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