Lujan Matus’ Personal Experience of the Golden Lotus Workshop


It is imperative that we all begin to traverse towards the light. Our matrices have collapsed and thus been reassembled into a lower density. At the moment it is possible for us to be true guardians of our planet.

We are genuinely light beings.

Two days ago in the Golden Lotus I was demonstrating for the group. As they followed me, I performed the last movement. Completely immersed I watched my hands perform the last gestures.

I was inter-dimensionally displaced. Within the light fibers of that construct I was simultaneously practicing that movement, yet seeing myself doing it with the eyes that were in the workshop where I did not perform these gestures.

My surroundings appeared to be a diffused black and white. Yet my body emanated a strange, yet powerful, diffused light.

When I had finished one of my students said, “you forgot the last movement”.

I said, “no, no, I did it just then”, realizing that I was really relocated dimensionally, yet simultaneously anchored within the room physically.

I stopped, insisting that I had done it, then realized I was inter-dimensionally dispersed and then said shyly, “oh, I forgot again!” and smiled.

Our true center is composed of light. We emanate from ourselves such beauty and power, such subtlety.

The group was thirty-seven people. One day I will put a thousand together and we will all shift and the caretakers of the planet will be once again reassembled. All personal identity will dissolve and the caretaker’s duties will recommence once again.

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  1. Count me in :) . Name the time and place and I’ll be there.

  2. Thank you for sharing Lujan!

  3. Please,
    What does the caretaker has to do with trees,- earth ?

  4. I didn’t mention anything about the trees in this blog post. Maybe you commented on the wrong one?

  5. No, I just had it for the same “line”.

  6. Can you please clarify?

  7. I have heard about the grovekeeper, but never the caretaker.
    and as I have heard the word “caretaker” spoken there first, it immidiately activated something deep within me. I have few memories that bears the significance and consequality of such and i feel it has to do with trees, but dunno why.

  8. planet Earth is silent beauty
    our love for her will unify us – this many people with personal identities

  9. Why there is everyone, nothing to read about earth ?

  10. Sorry, wrong translation.

    Why is that there is everywhere, nothing to read about earth ?

  11. There is no way to answer your question. It is better to ask about what has been written instead of what hasn’t been.

  12. Hi Lujan,

    thank you for sharing! The workshop was a great experience and your presence truly a source of inspiration. “One day” – I’d love to be there.


  13. Who is the caretaker ?

  14. I am extremely intrigued. I have been away from my qigong practice and want to return.


  15. it seemed impossible to get all the way through the movements together. now i see that interdimensional drift was the culprit! thank you for last week lujan. the spirals bring such peace into my system. it is not as strong practising alone, but still, I feel the magnetism and remember you saying the spirals bring blessings. Golden Lotus is now my daily personal self-blessing. with love, Jean

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