Karmic Residues


Dear Lujan,

The last few nights I have been experiencing some nightly attacks, but it’s not only me but also the mother of my daughter, my mom and some other people I know.

The first night I was awake and it was energies in my room trying to get into my body, but I remained calm, remembering your words, just let it come and pay it little attention. I did try to keep it from going into my body.

The second time I half woke up in a dream because somebody was fixating his gaze on me, who had glowing eyes. Then something went into my body, though I remained calm also this time. And I let out a burst of love, once, and then a second time.

I wanted to speak but couldn’t, then with huge effort and stamping my foot a bubble came out from my mouth and popped and I was chanting like a Tibetan monk, through which my body started to release a black shadowy vapor.

My mom and Cat are being physically pushed and hearing screams; something I experienced for about a week, a month or so ago..

I know that by relating this to you I am making it more substantial than it should be, but I was wondering why it is happening with so many people and is it something that I can keep ignoring and just put the knife under my door, or do I have to do something else?

Thank you,
Warm regards,

Thomas Portier.

At this present time in our history there is a possibility for humanity to awaken. The energy you speak of is like a barrier to accomplishing the goals of higher consciousness.

The reason why I mentioned not to pay too much attention is because that fixation within itself – as you have already said – draws the strength of these residues towards one’s awareness by virtue of the fact that they are latent and within their dormancy arise when great change is about to occur.

When you release the bubble of perception that became the chanting of a monk, this is part of your past. An inter-dimensional aspect of yourself. A timeline that is either finished or still operational.

But I know for certain that the black vapor is something that many Tibetan monks possess when they are under duress. They have a protective mechanism that has consciousness that appears as a black vaporous substance. It will activate itself to protect you when you are threatened. The reason I know this is because it has occurred with me as well. This substance also can be operational as far as it becoming auditorially active.

By engaging in the Golden Lotus, any powers that you may possess will come to your defense. Nevertheless the Golden Lotus has embedded within it the Fibonacci principle. This coiling motion, which mimics figure eights or the outline of a butterfly or moth, will enter the body through your practice as luminous etheric threads of light and will bless your bio-field and expel everything in opposition to its settling and grounding you in peace and happiness.

Just keep practicing the Lotus. Throw salt around your house. This locks evil out but unfortunately locks evil in as well. If it is not coming from within you will know immediately because there will be a lull. But if the disruption is coming from within the bio-fields of those you accompany it is their residue that needs to be observed in terms of their connections and this lifetime’s activity and what they have accrued.

It is not possible for bad to follow inter-dimensionally or through any timelines. Karma is a factor that has to do with intentions within one’s present lifetime. Good can come but ill intent is always blocked from entering.

So be at ease and advise your family to adjust their internal intentions and present-day feelings toward constructive and positive interactions so as to halt the cascade.

The black viscous substance is something that you have inherited. It may only appear once or twice. Most times only once. If it does not dissolve the present circumstance through its power then you must practice neutrality in the midst of all that confronts you.

As for the knife under the door, when it is pointing outwards it will protect you from present-day human intention.

Even though I have given extensive answers to your questions they are not really complete enough, for the sphere of your perception demands your watchful eye and there you step forward, not knowing how to proceed until you are pushed to act.

I wish you well.

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  1. And I thank you again! My body is already hooked on the silence the Golden Lotus brings about and has improved my understanding of the Dragon’s Tears and Windlock greatly as well. The silence and the gentleness of your written and spoken word are being absorbed by my body creating a fluid gentle fist. I will certainly keep practicing!
    Warmest regards,

    • Thank you, Thomas, for relating this beautiful experience. Thank you, Nagual, for sharing it for us all to learn from it. There is so much wisdom here. Very lovely.

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